Diego Maradona caught hitting girl friend on Video!(video)

Diego Maradona caught hitting girl friend on Video!(video)

Shameful bully Maradona and Olivia who he hit over a phone.
Diego Maradona is a genius on the football field ,but off it,he is nothing but an animal who needs to be locked up or evaluated in a psychaitric home! 
Diego Maradona the Footballing legend was caught in a video assaulting his on-
off 24 year old girlfriend.

In the video, Maradona can be seen getting up from his sofa and approaching his girlfriend Rocio Oliva to have a go at her for using her mobile.

Ms Oliva filmed the 53-year-old walking towards her spluttering: 'You still looking at your phone.'

She retorted

: 'Can't I look at it?' before begging him: 'Stop Diego, calm down, stop hitting.' as he allegedly tried to strike her twice with his right hand.
He told a journalist:
'I sent the phone flying but I swear I've never hit a woman. The story starts and finishes there.'I admit I knocked the phone out of Rocio's hands but there's nothing more to it. The situation didn't continue.'
Maradona denies hitting Oliva,but it is very apparent in the video that he hits her.She should press charges.The man Diego Maradona is an insecure animal.He sounded slurred in the video,and he had a drink in his hand,so he was probably drunk as usual.Silly old fool.Iv'e lost every respect for Diego Maradona! 
He is now back at his home in Dubai without either Ms Oliva or former girlfriend Veronica Ojeda, who he has also been romantically linked to in recent months despite dumping her when she was four months pregnant with their child Diego Fernando.

Last night Ms Oliva's aunt branded him a 'psychopath and woman beater'.

It is not the first time Maradona has been accused of falling out with the 24-year-old, who he started dating at the beginning of last year after breaking up with Ojeda, 34.

In May last year he allegedly had a row with her on a plane. Passengers on board the jet told how the pair exchanged insults and business class travellers including a politician's wife and air stewardesses allegedly had to step in to try to get him to calm down.

The incident happened as he went to meet his baby son by Veronica Ojeda for the first time.

This summer he was also filmed slapping a male journalist he accused of winking at his former girlfriend.
Culled from Dailymail Uk
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