Friends of executed Nigerian Pilot Chimda Hedima pays tribute to him

Friends of executed Nigerian Pilot Chimda Hedima pays tribute to him

Nigerian pilot chimda who was killed by boko haram
You all must know by now of the Nigerian pilot who was allegedly shot down by Boko Haram.One of the men, Pilot Chimda Hedima was captured alive and beheaded by Boko Haram.They later shared a video of this online.Nigerian

authorities came out saying they don't recognise the Pilot Hedima that Boko Haram  paraded,but his friends have since given the story credibility by paying homage to the pilot.Also from seeing Hedima's picture here,i can personally say he bears a credible

resemblance to the guy paraded by Boko Haram.

Wing Commander, Chidinma's friend decided to pay a tribute to him and here it is below..they also
wanted the message shared for Nigerians to appreciate the sacrifice made by him.

On 11/09/14, a company of NA soldiers attempted to overrun a Boko Haram position in Borno. Due to the low altitude, the plane suffered significant damage from the terrorists' gun fire. Wing Commander Hedima & his partner realized that they were going to crash.

Instead of hurriedly parachuting to safety within Nigerian controlled territory, they chose to embark on a mission to destroy as many terrorists and their weapons as possible. They parachuted out at the last minute but not before ensuring their plane slammed into a column of terrorists in which 63 Boko Haram members were killed as a result of their bravery. Wing Commander Hedima was captured.

On 12/09/14, he was killed by the Boko Haram.

He chose Nigeria, he chose all of us. We cannot forget him. Please share his story. His name should be known by everyone.

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