How K1,Pasuma Dancer, Kemi Omotoyinbo DIED at Child Birth!

How K1,Pasuma Dancer, Kemi Omotoyinbo DIED at Child Birth!

Popular dancer Kemi Omotoyinbo who died at child birth.
This is one of the saddest things i have read this year.Kemi Omotoyinbo who was a popular dancer who had danced for many stars passed away just a a few weeks after getting married.kemi Omotoyinbo who got married on the 13th of September, 2014 at White House Event Hall, Toyin Street, Ikeja died because she
could not raise funds for treatment at child birth. The late Kemi who was a popular face in Pasuma’s music videos and has also danced for the likes of Shina Peters and K1 gave up the ghost while trying to give birth yesterday, October 1st in a Lagos private hospital.Sadly she died giving birth.There has been too many cases of women dying in Nigeria lately due to child birth.Only a month ago,my brother told me a case of how a girl who got married in March died giving birth 4 months later.The case of Kemi Omotoyinbo is doubly sad because she needed N450K for an operation.As usual our Nigerian doctors refused to operate till they got a deposit of N300K. The establishment is so messed up that doctors who's main objective should be keeping people alive don't give a damn about lives no more.People die every second so Kemi Omotoyinbo's life means nothing to them!

You have people doctors coming to Africa to risk their lives for free and helping to fight Ebola,you have Doctors going to war torn countries tosave lives for free,but Nigerian doctors cannot save a fellow Nigerians life and get paid later..WHEN DID MY COUNTRY GET SO FCKED UP???
Now another sad thing was,the husband could not raise money in time.He BEGGED Doctors and promised to pay next day,they refused.Kemi Omotoyinbo is a popular girl,so imagine what names would have been on her phone.She texted her friends who promised to help..according to a friends twstimony,she said:

"Kemi Omotoyibo'shusband said he would pay the money the next day but the doctor refused and stated categorically that he would not move an inch else he pays 300,000. It was at that point Kemi decided to forward messages to people she knows so she could get help. She got responses that money would be made available to her the next day. On hearing that the husband went to beg the doctors again, still they refused. No bank was opened and nothing could be done until Thursday October 2nd but unfortunately she gave up the ghost that night. My point is, the doctors knew she had to go through emergency C&S. they could have saved her life and get the money later. Nigeria is a very bad country I must confess," her friend said.

A lesson here is the culture of trying to keep up with the jones' and living a false life.Kemi Omotoyinbo wedding-She got married 2 weeks ago. I can imagine it would have been a high society wedding.Why get married 2 weeks before birth if you are not financially stable?The money they wasted for that wedding could have been ussed to save Kemi Omotoyinbo's life.I feel really sorry for her.Such a wasted young life.
Once again,the government comes into play,if our hospitals were not so useless,the likes of Kemi Omotoyinbo would not be charged N450K and aloowed to die like fowls.When i was a young lady in Nigeria,i never remember cases of people dying at child birth as they do now and hospitals were free!
NOW the average person who is doing well,will rather leave the country to go give birth than risk their lives.It's so sad.
I think it has really come to a time for the government to pass a law that if a doctor fails to carry out a life saving or attend to a patient for a life saving procedure,they should be suspended for 2 years.

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