Inside Cold Oscar Pistorius Head as he's jailed &Reactions

Inside Cold Oscar Pistorius Head as he's jailed &Reactions

Oscar Pistorius on his way to jail.
Oscar Pistorius Life came crashing down in a court room in South Africa today as he was sentenced to 5 years inpisonment for the killing of his girl friend! Surprisingly for me,Pistorius didn't show any emotions as he was sentenced.Judging from all his theatrics of
vomiting in the court room and tears while the trial was going on,i expected Oscar to faint or break down at the announcement.Pistorius had what i could call a cold stare as Judge Massipa handed down the jail sentence.But i guess he must have been worked on by his team and told there was a strong possibility he would be jailed.

Outside the court room,Oscar was openly exposed in the prison van with hundreds of people and photographer openly gaping at the superstar who fell from grace.The cameras kept on flashing while Oscar Pistorius just stared ahead without emotion.
Only God knows what was going through the fallen Olympic medalists mind.He sat in the van for what seemed like eternity before the van finally moved,beginning a new life for Oscar behind the bars.
When approached in the court room as she was leaving,Reeva Steenkamp's mother was asked how she felt?She said she was relieved it was all over,when told but he could be out in 10 months,she said: it doesn't matter,he's onna pay something" When further asked if thought justice had been served?She answered,"Yes",she also added she was exhausted.Reeva Steenkamp's father on the other hand ,said he was happy with the verdict.

Oscar Pistorius inside the van that took him to prison.
Oscar Pistorius uncle,which the blade runner had been staying with during the trial,also spoke outside the court room and said the family was abiding by the verdict and urged the media as well to accept the verdict.He also added that he hopes Oscar could heal himself and be on a road to redemption.He also said "Oscar will embrace this opportunity,to pay back to society"
He said the 20 months since Steenkamp's death had been an "incredibly hard and painful process for everyone," including the Steenkamp family, his own family and Pistorius.

From a globally lauded athlete to convicted killer, Oscar Pistorius' fall from grace culminated Tuesday with a five-year sentence in the shooting death of his girlfriend.
The sentence was imposed for the charge of culpable homicide, which in South Africa means a person was killed unintentionally, but unlawfully.
Under South African law, he will have to serve at least one-sixth of his sentence -- 10 months -- before he can ask to be considered for parole
Pistorius was also given a three-year sentence on a firearms charge, but it was suspended for five years on condition he's not found guilty of another crime where there's negligence involving a firearm during that period.

That count related to an occasion when Pistorius discharged a loaded handgun under a table in a busy restaurant. No one was hurt.
During his trial, the double-amputee sprinter often sobbed at the mention of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp's name. He insisted that he mistook her for an intruder when he shot her through a toilet door on Valentine's Day 2013.
But there was very little visible reaction from Pistorius as the sentence was read out.
Speaking to CNN's Robyn Curnow in the last few weeks before his sentencing, Pistorius told her that he would respect and accept the decision of the court and that he was not afraid of imprisonment.
He said he hoped to contribute while in prison by teaching people how to read or start a gym or running club.

He said the 20 months since Steenkamp's death had been an "incredibly hard and painful process for everyone," including the Steenkamp family, his own family and Pistorius.

Question of appeal

The prosecution had asked for a minimum prison sentence of 10 years for Pistorius.
After the ruling Tuesday, South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority said it has not yet decided whether to appeal Judge Thokozile Masipa's verdict that Oscar Pistorius is not guilty of murder.
Pistorius' defense has called for a sentence of house arrest and community service.
There was no immediate reaction from the defense team on the sentencing.
Pistorius' family is expected to issue a statement shortly.
On the eve of Pistorius' sentencing, his sister told CNN's Robyn Curnow that the lives of everyone close to the trial have already been changed forever, no matter the outcome.
"No one who's been close to the situation can just overcome it," Aimee Pistorius said. "It's something my brother will carry with him forever and ... regardless of what's happening now it's just a certain phase in a journey that will never end."

'Mine and mine alone'

Giving her reasoning Tuesday, Judge Thokozile Masipa emphasized that the decision on sentencing would be "mine and mine alone."
She pointed out that sentencing is not an exact science but relies on an assessment of elements including the nature and seriousness of the crime, the personal circumstances of the accused and the interests of society.
She said she would also take into account the factors in sentencing of retribution, deterrence and rehabilitation.
In any case, she said, "sentencing is about achieving the right balance."

Prison not 'insurmountable challenge'

In her final remarks, Masipa dismissed evidence given by probation officer Annette Vergeer that prison would not be able to accommodate Pistorius' disability, saying her testimony was outdated and sketchy.
She said Pistorius would not present the prison system with an "insurmountable challenge."
The judge added that she felt Pistorius' vulnerability had been overstated in the evidence given and that his excellent coping strategies -- shown in his ability to compete with able-bodied atletes -- had been overlooked.
He would be able to continue treatment for physical problems and mental health issues while in prison, she said
It should also be added that most of the South African people spoken to outside the court room felt the sentence was too soft and he should have got more time.The feeling was Oscar Pistorius got a lighter sentence because of his celebrity.There was a man in particular who protested outside the jail.He had been jailed for 6 years for a robbery and said the sentence made a mockery of South Africa's justice system.If he could get 6 years in jail for a robbery for a robbery yet Osacar Pistorius got only 5 years for taking a life.
CNN contributed to this story
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