Meet Jessica Vanessa,Money making Blonde Twerking Sensation(video)

Meet Jessica Vanessa,Money making Blonde Twerking Sensation(video)

Jessica Vanessa twerking

Meet the girl who earns a six figure salary just by twerking and posting her videos online,22-year-old Jessica Vanessa,who works as a professional twerker.She has 2 million followers! Wow! That's a lot of people following your ass!

Jessica Vanessa claims to be earning a six-figure income by shaking her bottom and has
become a social media star who captivates audiences from around the world with her hypnotic gyrating.All this is apparent in the video featured here.Jessica who was formerly working as a teaching assistant from Florida, quit her job after advertisers discovered her dance moves through her Vine videos. For Jessica quitting her role as a teacher was a no-brainer when she did the maths and realised that she could earning more twerking than she could ever have dreamed of working in a school. 

Jessica Vanessa says-‘What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant. It’s definitely a blessing. I bought a new car, paid it off in full and I was able to get out of debt from the school that I graduated from. It’s quite simple really, the more followers you get, the more advertisers want to pay you for mentioning their products – and I’ve got lots. Quitting my job was definitely a risk because I knew once I quit there was no turning back. Either I make money doing these videos or I’m going to be broke and jobless. When I was younger I was very shy and I didn’t like dancing in front of anybody. 

Then I kind of fell in with a different crowd and got more confident. By the time I hit high school I was definitely a party girl. I do get plenty of rude and mean comments. I’ve even had two breakdowns over them – where I have literally locked myself in my room and considered taking down all of my social media accounts. I’m not a celebrity but I do get a taste of what they have to go through. I have strangers calling me a whore, people calling me fat, people calling me ugly, people saying just about any mean thing you could say. People like to define you as a whore for twerking but it’s just a type of dance, that’s it, if people were open-minded they would understand that. My family are very open-minded people, they don’t look at it in any type of sexual way, they don’t look at it as degrading, they’re very supporting.

I would have no problem showing my grandmother my twerking videos – she is wild and crazy and would probably want to join in with me. As a little girl I always wanted to be somebody big, I always wanted to entertain people, I would sing, I would dance, I would do whatever it took and if I got a laugh out of people I knew I was doing something right. I always enjoyed doing random crazy stuff so when I got a day job it was not something I enjoyed doing. Now I look at Vine as an outlet to many different opportunities which I enjoy doing now.’
Check out Jessica Vanessa's video below and see what all the fuss is about.

source Daily Mail online
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