Omo Yoruba Ni mi o Swagger!-Desmond Elliot cries out!

Omo Yoruba Ni mi o Swagger!-Desmond Elliot cries out!

Desmond Elliot looking very much like a Yoruba man.
We all know by now that Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot has thrown his hat into the political arena and vying for a place in the Lagos State house of assembly.Well,like everything else,Desmond had to repackage himself for the role,like you would do in a film.Because like it or not,politics is a role,its a game and you have to follow the rules or lose.Now ,same way as Tony Tetuila cannot go
into politics with his hair braided and dyed blonde,is the same way Desmond Elliot cannot go into the contest for a seat in a Yoruba state with a double barrel English name.This should not be a problem,but we all know Nigeria is a highly tribalized and religious country.These things should not count or matter,but they do.

So bearing this in mind,Desmond Elliot included his Yoruba name,Olusola in his campaign,making it the official name he is going to use if elected.This was how the wahala started o.Because people were now saying ,Desmond is not Yoruba,how come suddenly he has remembered he is Yoruba and added Olusola to his name?

But the guy was in show business for God's sake,he is in entertainment and it is common knowledge that entertainers use pseudo names in their fields.I mean if Wizkid decides to go into politics tomorrow,will he call himself Wizkid?Will Sface contest as 2face or will Ice Prince contest with that name?So why the uproar about Desmond Elliot's name?
Anyway the star felt it was necessary for him to come out and explain that he is in fact a Yoruba boy,see Desmond Elliot's explanation below...

I am from Lagos state. My father is from Olowogbowo in Lagos Island but my mother is from Delta state. I refer to myself as being a Pan-African. People don’t believe I am a Lagosian because I seldom act in Yoruba movies. And I didn’t include the Shola in my name. Then because my surname is also English, many couldn’t differentiate which made people confused of where exactly I am from. I am very detribalised. People of my constituency know my story and know where I come from. I have always used Shola in my primary school days. I went to Air Force Primary School in Plateau and later attended St John’s College, both in Jos. I proceeded to Lagos State University where I studied Economics and graduated in 2003 

So there you have it,Desmond is Omo Yoruba o.... Omo wa ni,e je o se o.
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