Story of Baby born with Quaran in hand Tarnishes Islam

Story of Baby born with Quaran in hand Tarnishes Islam

Baby born with Quaran in hand.

How can people tell stories like these with a straight face?A baby who was born in a church reportedly emerged clutching a Qur’an. Renowned Islamic preacher based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Dr Dawood Amoo, has described the birth of a baby boy clutching a pocket-size Qur’an as one of the signs of Allah.Amoo said although the development
was not strange, the boy named Ismail was unique as the said mini Qur’an contained all the 114 chapters in the holy book.

So are they telling us that the baby is still clutching the Quaran since birth in this picture?Also the beads on the baby's wrist,did those come from birth as well?Or did they remove the Quaran and wore the beads on the baby and then replaced the Quaran in his hand?
It is people like these so called preacher who gives religion or in this case Quaran a bad name.Every tre muslim knows this story can't be real and is a fake!

The preacher testified that he was one of the earliest callers at the Owode/Academy, Ibadan residence of the parents of the baby to witness one of God’s wonders. He said the mother, Jelilah, gave birth in a church at Oniyanrin area of the city, where the baby was seen clutching a strange object in his left hand.He said..

“The woman, who took the delivery, thought it was one of the devilish drugs used by the mother to terminate the pregnancy, hence she threw it in the dustbin,” he explained.
 According to The Nigerian Tribune ,Amoo said that the said object, which later turned out to be a pocket-size Qur’an, was wrapped in a thread.He said that with the forceful removal of the object from its hand, the baby became restless and continued to clutch an empty fist.
“Following his restlessness, a local cleric advised them to go and bring what they took from the baby which later turned out to be a copy of the mini Qur’an.They were all afraid to touch it until I got there and I had to remove the remaining thread on the object and to my surprise, it was a beautifully- designed pocket-size complete noble Qur’an,” 
He said although the Qur’an was small, the lettering inside was readable and complete from chapter one to chapter 114 of the holy book.

Expectedly, the news filtered into town and Ibadan people had since turned the residence into a mecca of sort.Jelilah, the elated mother of the baby, said since September, when the baby was born with Quaran in hand, nobody could take the Qur’an away from him, as he would be restless until he clutched it.  

The father of the baby, identified simply as Semiu, said he thanked Allah for the blessings, saying it was an indication that Allah wanted them back in the fold of Islam.

Semiu, a driver, said paucity of funds has caused his wife to put to bed at a nearby church, as they were both not practising any faith.

He said with the signs directly from Allah, 
“I have resolved that my wife and I will revert to Islam and be worshipping our Creator till we answer His call.”
A similar baby was born in a Lagos church in 2012 clutching a copy of the Qur’an.
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