Stripper Jhonni Blaze says Rapper Drake's been threatening her Life!

Stripper Jhonni Blaze says Rapper Drake's been threatening her Life!


Rapper Drake seems to be busy a lot with the ladies lately.I've lost count of how many kiss and tell stories i have read about rapper Drake.What i can't understand is these girls dreaming they were the only one on the rappers call.The average guy goes out of his way to get with pretty girls or females generally,so imagine what happens if you are a superstar with millions and good looking?Girls throwing thmselves at you all over the world,what do
you think will happen?lol

Recalling how things started,Jhonni Blaze told Baller Alert that after they met ,they exchanged numbers,with  Drake giving her his iPhone and Blackberry contact information and before jetting off.She said they spent an entire week together where she played the piano for him, partied with him ,and one thing led to another.  ...She said

 Jhonni does admit that she and Drake got into a heated argument in the club on his last night in town, over him talking to another girl while they were together. He later apologized via text messages. She also says that he made plans to fly her to Toronto later in the month but instead ended up flying her friend out just days later.

Jhonni says that when she caught wind of the news that Lira was in Toronto, she confronted Drake about it to which he denied it and tried to make her come off as crazy. She says that he called her a b*tch, told her that she was going to look stupid when the truth came out and to stop contacting him.

Jhonni Blaze said further..
We messed around and then he switched up on me messing with everyone. I think he thought I was one of the others that expose him and I didn’t so he threatened to send someone for me and guys were looking for me at my job and knocked my door down looking for me at home. Said he put a price on my head smh and I never once exposed him. He got mad because I caught him in a lie and he started doing all of this so I’m calling the police for my safety.
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