Aminu Tambuwal &Bola Tinubu call for Goodluck Jonathan resignation

Aminu Tambuwal &Bola Tinubu call for Goodluck Jonathan resignation

Aminu Tambuwal,Bola Tinubu,Aliko Dangote and Kayode Fayemi.

The Nigerian election fever is really in the air and currently President Goodluck Jonathan is catching a cold!
Aminu Tambuwal and Bola Ahmed Tinubu has come down hard on President Goodluck Jonathan, asking him to resign from office for running “a system that does
not have the interest of the country at heart,” Premium Times newspaper reports. 

Addressing supporters of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Ilorin, Kwara State, during the formal declaration of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed for a second term, the Speaker warned that should the president failed to do so, Nigerian voters should revolt against him at the February presidential poll. 

“I call on President Jonathan to resign from office because of all the mis-governance and the untold hardship Nigerians are presently passing through,” he said. If he fails to do that it is therefore incumbent on us as a people to turn out en-masse and vote out Goodluck Ebele Jonathan come 2015. That will bring peace, progress and development of Nigeria.’’ 

He continued, “I am sure that (Kwara) state will provide such leadership to the extent that we shall deliver this country to the government at the centre to APC.” 

‘’By voting APC at the centre you will be voting for prosperity and eradication of poverty. What we are witnessing today in Nigeria is not governance, but mis-governance. We are witnessing a system that does not have the interest of the people of this country at heart.” 

Also speaking at the event, a former governor of Lagos , Bola Tinubu, lambasted Mr. Jonathan for allowing the Boko Haram terrorists to seize parts of the nation’s territory, stating that he ought to have resigned because of the development. 

He said, ‘’I saw the sea of refuges and the lies coming from Jonathan’s administration. They have exhibited failure, lack of capacity, vision, creativity; the lie of yesterday is what they repeat today and it is what they will repeat tomorrow. They are lying to you. They are lying about the security, toying about the security of this country. I don’t have time to explain the logic of their lies.’’ 

‘’If you control the armed forces and you are the Commander-in-Chief of the armed of the federal republic, why should any part of this country be under occupation? 
“And you give us excuses every day. In any civilised country, Jonathan should have resigned. But if he will not resign he should wait for our broom we will sweep them away.’’ 

The APC leader, who recently returned from a medical trip abroad, asked the party members to be ready for change because the race had begun. 

He also alleged that the PDP administration not only steals the people’s money on daily basis, but also refused to give them jobs. 

According to him, “The thieves that daily steal your money, they have not given you any job; they cannot create jobs and they are starving states of funds to pay workers salaries. The best thing to do is to sweep them away through broom revolution. APC is a party of the masses,’’ he said.

The battle is really on folks,all i ask for is a free and fair election.Will we get that in Nigeria?It remains to be seen.
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