Dan Forster says Linda Ikeji was in love with HIM &Tells how he broke her heart!

Dan Forster says Linda Ikeji was in love with HIM &Tells how he broke her heart!

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Linda Ikeji and Dan Forster relationship is probably the only thing the very successful Linda has failed in.
Its no secret that radio personality Dan Forster and Linda Ikeji were an item.The two were dating till Forster broke Linda's heart.Dan Forster has now told how Linda was in love with him and admitted he was in fact seeing three ladies at the same time,Linda included! Phew! What a busy boy.

The first i knew about their relationship was the day i saw the headlines my life was miserable with Dan Foster linda ikeji.
In this interview with the Punch,Forster reveals what happened with Linda in the relationship and why he left her.He also talks about how his wife feels about Linda.
It just shows that in life you can have all the material wealth you need but be deprived of the simplest things,Linda Ikeji love life shows this is very possible.But i do wish her the best and hope soon she
will find that special person to share her life with.
Enjoy the excerpts from the interview below...

Linda Ikeji,was in love with Dan Forster.

Why did you marry a Nigerian?

My father told me that my ex had moved on. In fact, he told me then that she looked heavy. I asked what he meant and I was told she was pregnant. I knew she had really moved on. But then, I didn’t marry again till almost four or five years later. I was taking my time after that. It wasn’t something I wanted to jump into. But then, I did have so many options.

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We knew you had options including Linda Ikeji…

Oh yeah! I remember Linda asking me what she did wrong. She went on and on. My wife always tries to delete her number no matter how I tag it on my phone. She would always figure the number out and she would find out what I use to code it. My wife is so strong and she is the right woman. I love her because she didn’t know who I was when I met her at the theatre. 

She still didn’t know who I was for almost two weeks after. We just had a great conversation. My sister kept asking me how I would find somebody that would love me for who I am. I put my wife to that test. She didn’t know me. It was two weeks later that people in her office asked her if she knew who her boyfriend was and they told her. She told them she didn’t know and she hadn’t even heard me on radio.

But Linda is doing well now; don’t you feel you should have married her?

She is a nice kid. I hope she is able to find someone but she has to find the right person. She is really into what she is doing. She is an honest kid. I thought I wasn’t good enough for her. I kept asking her why me. But she was really into me. I couldn’t believe it. 

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I took her for granted. I felt she could always find a fine model on the runway. But she was so really serious about me. Linda Ikeji was in love with me. But it didn’t work out. I took her for granted and I was dating another person while I was dating her. I tried to keep a relationship in Abuja, another in Warri while she was in Lagos. Ah! It was a nightmare. I wouldn’t want to go through that again. 

I had three beautiful women at a time and I lost them all. They were all waiting. One of them knew about all the rest. She could have been the one. I hurt her so badly. She even left the country after we broke up. I felt bad. I went to the cinema to get my head together on a Saturday morning and that was where I met my wife. See how God works. Look at my kids. They are wonderful children.
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