Okafor who fled to Nigeria after UK Murder caught in Asaba& to be extradited!

Okafor who fled to Nigeria after UK Murder caught in Asaba& to be extradited!

Okafor who fled to Nigeria after UK Murder,with police.

Jeffrey Azuka Okafor,who stabbed a young boy to death in London in 2009,then fled to Nigeria has been caught! The Nigerian government is getting set to extradite Okafor (middle), who is wanted by the UK police for the murder of Carl Beatson Asiedu, who was stabbed to death on August 1st 2009 outside a UK nightclub.The 23 year old fled to Nigeria after the murder but was arrested on September 23rd 2014 in Asaba, Delta
state after a diligent search by the Nigerian police.

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Suleiman Abba, while commending Police Intelligence Operatives for the arrest, said all the necessary required procedures to enable the handover of the fugitive to the UK Authorities have already been concluded. 

The IGP further assures the International law enforcement communities that the Nigeria Police Force will always ensure that all fugitives that show up in Nigeria would be apprehended upon request and turned over accordingly.

Mr Asiedu, the son of a Ghanaian pastor and a midwife, died in the street after being stabbed in the heart in the early hours of 1 August 2009.

Known as DJ Charmz, he had just performed a set at the Club Life nightclub in Vauxhall, south London, and was walking to a car with friends when he was attacked.

 Police said another group approached and an argument broke out with one of Mr Asiedu’s friends, apparently over a “trivial” college dispute.

Mr Asiedu and his friend Peter Lama, who survived, were stabbed in the following attack, while their friends fled.

They returned to find Mr Asiedu collapsed in the road and tried to drive him to hospital but despite first aid from police and paramedics, he was pronounced dead in the car.
His father, John Asiedu, said he will never be free of the pain of his son’s death and suffers fresh grief every time he hears of a stabbing. He said:

“Part of me died with him and I have to carry on living with what is left of me. Carl's tragic death has changed my view of life, people, the justice system and the world.I would urge Jeffrey Okafor to do the right thing and give himself up. I believe there are people in Nigeria who know him but don't know who he really is.
“I believe he is living comfortably with a new life. Sometimes I wonder how such killers can lead normal lives with their families and friends who sometimes protect and shield them from the law.
"I am still serving the life sentence of sorrow and pain embedded in my consciousness.”
Detective Inspector Alison Hepworth, from the Met’s murder division, said Okafor could be living a “comfortable life” in Nigeria while his family’s heartache continues.
“We know there are people in UK supporting him in his new life in Nigeria and are shielding him from facing justice,” she added.
“I would appeal to those people - his friends or family - if you have in some way helped to aid his escape, now is your opportunity to do the right thing and tell us where he is.”

Junior Okafor – the suspect’s brother – was sentenced to four years imprisonment in 2010 for assisting his brother’s escape to Nigeria.

Members of the group involved in the confrontation with Ghanaian, Mr Asiedu’s friends, Bolaji Kako-Are and Abu Mansaray, were convicted of violent disorder in 2011 and each sentenced to three years in prison.
Another of Okafor’s associate’s, Junior Ademujimi-Falade, was found guilty of violent disorder and manslaughter and jailed for eight years in 2011.

Scotland Yard had been working with Nigerian authorities in their efforts to trace Okafor.

The end has come for Okafor as well,and he can look forward to many years behind the bar for a senseless murder of an innocent boy!

Jeffrey Okafor on the left and  Carl Beatson Asiedu (pictured right ). He was stabbed to death in the early hours of August 1 2009 outside a night club after an argument with Jeffery and his friends. Jeffery then fled to Nigeria after the murder.

CCTV of Jeffrey Okafor at Heathrow Airport in 2009 - the last time he was seen.
Jeffrey Okafor left the UK on 17 August 2009, days after the murder, and was last captured on CCTV boarding a flight to the country at Heathrow Airport using his brother’s passport, the Metropolitan Police said.

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