Whoopi Goldberg &Rosie O'donell battle over Bill Cosby allegations!

Whoopi Goldberg &Rosie O'donell today battled over Bill Cosby allegations on air!
Really disappointed with Whoopi Goldberg.You can't just say a man is innocent of charges as serious as r*pe cos he's your friend,especially when there are 13 women accusing him of it.Now i would be on Whoopi's side if Bill Cosby himself had said i didn't do those thing
and i am innocent.But Bill Cosby has kept quiet and refused to say a word regarding the allegations.All he has been saying is no comment and we don't talk about that.So what does Whoopi Goldberg know that we don't,and why should she scream about Cosby's innocence when the man himself would not say if he is guilty or not?

There was a big argument today between Whoopi and Rosie O'donell.
Whoopi Goldberg is clearly in Camp Cosby and sat there stewing in quiet anger for the first portion of the Hot Topics discussion. Rosie O’Donnell took the side of the now 13 women who have come forward making allegations against the comedian.
But when Goldberg finally spoke up, she let loose.

Goldberg accused the women of “making stuff up” and “everyone is covering their butt.”  The Oscar winner claimed that “until you know it’s true, it’s an allegation” and was disgusted with amount of negative attention the accusations have brought the 77-year-old comedian.
She then brought up people like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant who have been through  scandals that threatened to take down their careers, and that  those male celebrities were considered “guilty no matter what” which she finds incredibly unfair.
Rosie chimed in that it wasn’t just a single allegation but 13 women making the same accusation against Cosby and that “r*pe is different from s3x” as in the Tiger Woods scandal.
Rosie even asked Whoopi why that many women – who have nothing to gain by sharing their stories financially or legally – would come forward. She asked Whoopi directly if they just “woke up on day and said I want to ruin Bill Cosby?”
Whoopi’s answer? “Maybe.”
REALLY Whoopi?!
This was more uncomfortable to watch than Rosie and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s epic Iraq war debate.
Rumour Fix contributed to this report

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