18yr old Antonio Martin's life of crime before Police Bullets ended his life

18yr old Antonio Martin's life of crime before Police Bullets ended his life

18 year old antonio martin killed

Antonio Martin shooting.This is Antonio Martin  ,the 18 year old young man who was shot dead yesterday Dec. 23rd by a police officer at a gas station not far from where Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. I cannot understand these kids though,why pull out a gun at a policeman? A black kid for that matter?Its not as if these policemen need an excuse to
shoot a black man.Was he on drugs? HAS he been watching too many gangsta movies? Cos i just can't comprehend why an 18yr old black boy in America will wanna pull a gun on a police officer,with all the recent happenings.My only conclusion is the boy must have been high..its a sad waste.The Mayor of the town made it clear this was not a racist case.He said they have a black Mayor,Black police chief,and the boy clearly pulled a gun on the officer.
Antonio pictured above pointing a gun at the police officer as the officer responded to a call of a theft in the area. The police officer fired three shots, one hitting the teen. Antonio, who didn't fire his weapon, was pronounced dead at the scene by responding EMS officers. 

During a press conference later, the police said Antonio was known to them and had previous charges including three assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action and multiple uses of weapons since he was17.

                                           Antonio's mother wails at the scene of the incident

Photo credit: AP
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