Bill Cosby's hall of fame star cleaned of the vile writings on it

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The troubled comedy legend is everywhere,even his walk of fame star can't get away from his scandal.
Workers had to do some serious work to clean off the vile writings placed on Bill Cosby Hollywood Walk Of Fame star Before the men got to the work — this is how Cosby's star,which was placed in 1977looked early friday morning.
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A vandal had scrawled “Rpist” three times over the star.Cosby is accused of assaulting dozens of women in the ’70s and ’80s.
But part of the $30,000 fee to be on the Walk of Fame goes toward maintenance and upkeep.So while our RumorFix reporter was on thescene, he saw the workers buff the star, use a high-speed sander, then scrub it.
The last step is adding the clear coat to make “Bill Cosby” shine again.

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