Buhari says -No office for 1st lady if he is elected President.

Buhari says -No office for 1st lady if he is elected President.

Buhari is not impressed by office for 1st lady.

The  APC candidate for the Presidency of Nigeria,General Muhammadu Buhari has said will not have an office for the first lady if elected in next year’s election.
In an exclusive interview in Kaduna, Buhari said his decision was based on the fact that the
office of the first lady doesn't exist in the Nigerian constitution. "There will be no official role for my retired wife," he said. He added that ministries which are constitutional should be allowed to play their roles.

The APC flag bearer said women would however, play very important roles in his administration.

"I was raised by my mother,and lost my father when i was barely 6-years-old, so i know what women are capable of if given the chance," he said, adding that he sees them as his cornerstone.

General Buhari also spoke on the situation in Chibok, Borno State, where over 200 schoolgirls were abducted by the terrorist group, Boko Haram.

"Imagine a mother with a teeenage daughter there and for seven months has no clue where she is. Nothing hurts more than a woman effortly looking for her children apart from child birth. Roughly one year in their tummy and from the day they are born until they grow, children tend to assume they know everything, but it is women ,their mothers, who are responsible for them. I have the greatest respect for women," he said.
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