Janice Dickinson recalls how Bill Cosby drugged and assaulted her in 1982!

Janice Dickinson has insisted Bill Cosby r*ped her in a new outburst,the former Supermodel Dickinson also suggested Bill Cosby assaulted her in the
1982 r*pe in Lake Tahoe!
As Bill Cosby's lawyer rubbished the claims by alleged victims including supermodel Janice Dickinson,the model broke down on CNN calling Cosby a pig and monster......When confronted with Cosby's refusal, and lawyer allegations that her claims are made up, Dickinson angrily said:
'I am Janice Dickinson and I am the world's first supermodel and this happened in 1982.'Screw you, Bill. You know damn well he's not going to take any responsibility. I say you r#ped me Bill Cosby, you r#ped me in 1982 in Lake Tahoe.''I would like Cosby to come out and at least acknowledge he is a pig, that he is a monster!
She narrated her ordeal in more detail this time
I do remember I was young i was innocent and I was very excited to get a call that I was going to be offered this job on the Cosby show and I trusted him. He was a married man.'
'[I trusted him] because of his demeanor and the promise of a career. I had a successful career and wanted to take it to the next level.'
'I was alone with him', she said. 'I had menstrual cramp - he said "I have something for that" and he gave me a pill.''When I started to black out I had a Polaroid camera on me - I took several photographs. I just remember having him on me in my room the next morning.'I remember waking up and that he - there was a lot of pain downstairs. There was semen all over me and my pajama bottoms were off. I just packed up and I got the hell out of there.

I remember being extremely angry that I had been violated - I remember feeling disgusted at him, but I was disgusted at myself.I should have reported it to the Nevada police. I had crystal clear memory of this entire incident.'He was wearing a bathrobe and a gold watch... and I remember the feeling ... I've not been the same since.'

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