Maheeda says Men must pay women for Jigigigi !

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Maheeda is at it again! This time the goddess is drumming up business for her comrades,the pros.Maheeda used to be a pro herself back in the day and she
believes men must pay for women! Maheeda is doing a lot of hard working career minded women no good at all.And they will be pissed off with her.These women don't need to be payed for. In fact
some of these women help their men out.If you are a woman who is struggling and has not really got a career,you might go along with what Maheeda says and all that "nothing going on but the rent" business..But if you make your own money and have a good job,you probably feel this is taking women back to the dark ages.

There is nothing wrong in pampering a woman,wooing her,buying her things that she can or can't afford herself,but there is a difference between that and paying her for s#x,once you get payed for s#x,you stop being a woman,a lady, and you become a disposable object!

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