Nollywood Actors Visit Jonathan AGAIN! They honor GEJ with Award.

Nollywood Actors Visit Jonathan AGAIN! They honor GEJ with Award.

So i am starting a new segment today called "The Queen is Annoyed" Any issues that get under my skin or irritates me,i will rant and rave about like it was my time of the month! :)
Meanwhile, i launch the segment with Nollywood actors and Goodluck Jonathan..enjoy...

All these visits to Aso Rock by Nollywood actors is getting very annoying!  The Queen is annoyed! And what's even most annoying is the President keeps receiving them.I think there has been four visits this year alone.. I think the President should be using his time on more important National issues than turn Aso Rock into Nolly Rock! Haba! Kilode?   Maybe
there is a reason they keep going back.Cos i trust Nigerians.We don't go back somewhere without something to gain..Maybe they heard what some people gained by visiting,so they said.."Ahh we too,we must go o" So they quickly cooked up some bogus name and made the President the Grand Patron.

There are school kids excelling at their studies,they haven't been to meet president GEJ,there are University students passing out with excellent results,University students inventing stuff,brave Nigerians in different fields,they don't get to meet the President.But Nollywood actors don turn Aso Rock to Nolly Rock? It's not right! The Queen is very annoyed!

The Nollywood actors who visited Nolly Rock,oh pardon me,i meant Aso Rock,visited under the umbrella of "Legends of Nollywood" .They proceeded to  honor Goodluck Jonathan with "the Grand Patron of Nollywood "Award. The group was led by actor Paul Obazele. While receiving the award and making his speech, President Jonathan said that "Nollywood has consistently brought glory to the nation. 
So until next visit,which is probably gonna be January..abi?


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