Timaya not ready to get married or Sacrifice his career for a woman!

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Timaya the dance hall star has bad news for his baby mama or any other girl out there for that matter hoping to tie the Bayelsa star down.Timaya has revealed he is far too young to get married or scarifice his career for any woman plus he does not want no woman giving him stress when he has to travel to do shows.While
speaking to  Saturday Beats,Timaya revealed more..hear him:
 “I am not yet ready to get married and anyone who is looking for that is only being deceived because I am too young to get married. Marriage is not all about money and nobody knows what I have in the bank because they are not my accountant. Musicians lie a lot, so don’t believe most of what they tell you. They are only trying to ‘package’ themselves. I am not prepared for marriage because I am not yet ready to sacrifice for any woman, I am sorry. My daughter is my life and I love her so much but marriage is not on my mind. I don’t want a situation whereby I will tell a woman I want to travel somewhere and she would be complaining.”
Talking about his sudden love for vulgar lyrics, Timaya said

“I sing vulgar songs because that is what pays. It has made me richer and I am not doing it because people need to hear something good. People that complain about the vulgar song actually love it. They complained about the song but in six months, it has had 13 million views. I know I say vulgar words but I advise that it should be meaningful sometimes,” 

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