19yr old Ecuadorian Beauty Queen dies from Liposuction she won as Prize

19yr old Ecuadorian Beauty Queen dies from Liposuction she won as Prize

This is just crazy,the new pressure of plastic surgery for young ladies.I don't know if the ladies put the pressure on themselves or if society does. A 19yr old Ecuadorian beauty queen and medical student named Catherine Cando (pictured above) died on Saturday January 10th during a botched liposuction operation she got as a prize after
she won a local beauty contest.Why would a beauty contest offer a prize of surgery to a girl who has already won a beauty contest? What kind of message is that? If the winner is not even considered beautiful enough naturally,what hope does it give the losers and other impressionable girls in the audience?
Its so sad when at only 19,you are already messing with your body.I am an advocate of changing what you don't like about your body,but surely not at 19..that is far too young,except it was something drastic that really needed to be done.

According to local media reports, Catherine won money and the cosmetic surgery procedure after beating 23 other girls to win Ecuador's Queen of Durán beauty contest in 2014. Her brother said Catherine initially rejected the surgery because she was young and figured she could lose the weight by working out but when a surgeon pressured her, she caved in.

"She was thinking about letting someone else have it as a freebie but eventually she agreed to have it just to get him off her back," Her brother, Daniel Zavela told the media
The beautiful young woman, who was studying medicine at the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil,Ecuador, agreed to do the surgery and went into the private clinic on Saturday but died during the procedure.

Two doctors who performed the operation on her have been arrested because authorities believe Catherine died due to their negligence. Ecuadorian Authorities are not investigating her death. A terrible waste for a really mad situation!

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