Buhari meets with Members of the European Union election monitoring team

Buhari meets with Members of the European Union election monitoring team

The presidential candidate of the APC, Gen. Buhari earlier today met with Members of the European Union election monitoring team , over next month's general election. The members, led by Mr Santiago, said 90 members of their team are expected in Nigeria during the elections.

The team however stated that because of the security challenges in the north, they will not

be heading there for any monitoring exercise.Now i don't blame all these organisations who are refusing to go to the North.But if all the credible independent 3rd parties don't go to the North,who is going to monitor the elections there and how can we vouch the elections were credible there?
I am really worried about the North.I am willing to bet anything that Boko Haram has plans for that area during the Feb elections.This is the perfect opportunity for them to show their powers.There would have to be serious security to stop them.Ordinarily,this should not be a problem.How can Boko Haram possibly be stronger than Nigeria? But it seems this present administration have no clue about security.Call me naive,but what is stopping the govt from having 1000 or more heavily armed and equipped army at our borders? Plus intelligence? Never have i heard that the Boko Haram who attacked Nigerian shores were more than 500,so whycan't these animals be taken out?

And where did the $16b allocated to security in the Nigerian budget go? What have they done with the money? The President as well as the Chief of Defence should be called to come give a public account of this.
More pics of Buhari's meeting with European Union election monitoring team,below...

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