Buhari's Qualification is equivalent to a Master’s degree-Professor

Buhari's Qualification is equivalent to a Master’s degree-Professor

Constitutional lawyer, Prof. Itse Sagay, says the qualification Maj.Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) has is equivalent to a Master’s degree, Punch reports.

He said, “This whole discussion of Buhari’s qualification is a negative distraction from the legitimate process of electioneering which should involve issues, records of the candidates,

their character, and their capacity to govern. These are things we should be talking about.

“The constitution is very clear on the issue of qualification. It states that you are qualified to be a President if you have achieved the level of school certificate or its equivalent. Buhari has been to Military College in Britain, he has been to colleges in India and USA, involving high level of training and intellect.

“We need to ask if participation and completion of courses at these levels and the basic officers training in Mons Officers Cadet School are less than school certificates. On the contrary, you need school certificate to attend those courses. So, if he has attended all those courses, then there is absolutely no need to be talking about secondary school certificates anymore.

“So, this man attended secondary school and we hear he was even the head boy. He has been to the Cadet School in Mons, Buhari attended the War College in the US and was given a certificate which is equivalent to a master’s degree.
Sagay said Nigeria had continued to worsen under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan despite the fact that he was the first doctorate degree holder to become the President of Nigeria.

“If I may add, how has the Ph.D of the President helped this country?
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