Dbanj's Explosive interview on "The Truth" How MoHits Broke Up!(video)

Dbanj's Explosive interview on "The Truth" How MoHits Broke Up!(video)

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The Dbanj was on the show,"The Truth" with Olisa and the revelations just kept pouring out! It's really hot stuff.In the interview,Dbanj talks about how he and Don Jazzy started,how they came back home,success,the deal with Kanye West and the split..here are some excerpts from the show that you can watch fully in the video below.

How Dbanj convinced Don Jazzy to come back to Nigeria and the 1st Hit-
We bonded before we left the UK because Don Jazzy fell out with his partnership with JJC. Because I was privileged to be his friend to know what had happened and what was happening back home,Rugged man had reached out to me once and told me the kind of money they were collecting,which when I
converted it it was like 1,800 pounds or $2,000 per show and I was like what!!! The people making it in the industry were style-plus,2face's plantashun boys.
So,before we even did anything, we listened to what they were playing in Nigeria.Jazzy was fond of that ..Oh boy this one don dey make money oh..(we listen)..We listened to music of everyone making money ..So when I found out he had major issues with JJC , I said "Oh boy,lets go back home".
So we came back, my parents were here.By then he had moved all his family over there.We came back in 2004 and moved straight into my mum's boys quarters in Maryland(Lagos).We got a first car,Toyota Privera from her ..We said we will pay her later.....and we paid her for it eventually.We got Tongolo,the first video and released it in November, just before Christmas and that was it...
How Mo Hits broke up-
Eh first person if I will be truthful will be Dr Sid (Laughs).We came back from New York and had a meeting with Don Jazzy..And Jazzy expressed his discomfort like listen,this place is too expensive, we are spending money ..Going to stay there,things dey happen for Nigeria,we are already bosses here..We don't need all this ..I'm like we are almost there.It is expensive but we can't guarantee because its a doggy world out there..I said to him,listen brother ,this is not uncertainty.For Kanye West to see us,na God..and he said he didn't want us to do it again ..He wasn't interested.But I told him because I had sensed it before the last concert we had.I told the lawyers in New York.They were trying to get him to come around but he didn't .
So we had that meeting and he said he didn't want me as a partner again .That there was a lot ..I told him to give me 6 months..to convince him again..maybe to sell my share to someone else, take the money to go and try again ..I saw it wasn't working and he formed a synergy with SID.It was clear.He wasn't comfortable around me .My mistake was, I wasn't sensitive enough to have noticed .. 
So December 2011, during a general meeting after 6 months, he said he had thought about it and wasn't interested ..Infact, not just him..That this one is not interested,this one is not interested(mo hits members)..I said ah! I was heartbroken. K-switch is my brother..But the truth? K-switch was with them ..(I think this was the most shocking part of the interview for me)

People were not comfortable..Now I look at it, maybe I did change..We all changed ..It wasn't money.It was because we ran Mo Hits record like a family.That's why we failed 

I wonder how Dbanj must feel now,and K Switch as well.Would Dbanj be thinking i made a mistake? Because since the split,things has not gone well for Dbanj.The last hit Dbanj had was Oliver Twist and we know where that came from.
Meanwhile Don Jazzy has had monster hits with,Surulere,Dorobucci,Eminado. Can anyone really say Dbanj would not have had a monster hit if he was still with Mo Hits? He certainly would have.Even Wande Cole,with all his talent,is not doing wonderfully great.It was a big mistake to break up Mo Hits.They all lost out on that Magical formula they had.

See the Dbanj interview on the Truth with Olisa below,
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