Dbannj reveals More Explosive Don Jazzy secrets in Pt 2 &Denies being Broke

Dbannj reveals More Explosive Don Jazzy secrets in Pt 2 &Denies being Broke

The 2nd part of the Dbanj interview on the Olisa show "The Truth" is out and it is more explosive by far than the first part .Sounds like things got really bad between Dbanj and Don jazzy at a point,that Don Jazzy told him that whenever he hears his (D’Banj’s) voice on the radio he always changes the station, that statement, D'banj said, was very hurtful. It hurt him so bad that he left his house and sought refuge in a hotel and then moved on to South Africa .Here are more excerpts from the interview.....

Dbanj said he never expected Oliver Twist to be such a huge hit and was in South
Africa when it blew up in London,and he had to rush over there. He believes the song’s sudden success was God’s way of taking him away from all the drama back home in Nigeria. The deal with Kanye West was not completed at this stage however Kanye was so impressed with the song that he agreed to make an appearance in the video. As Kanye is an ‘action man’ as D’Banj calls him, they shot the video straight away while still in London. D’Banj knows that everyone wants him and Don Jazzy to work together again and thinks there is a possibility of that happening, if the price is right. He bumped into Don Jazzy in America and they discussed the possibility of a reunion, a business reunion. Don Jazzy told him that it would have to be for the right money for that to ever happen.

In response to questions about his public support of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, D’Banj vehemently refuted suggestions that he had been paid for the interview. He stated that he had himself requested the interview and that he felt that it was the right thing for him to do as a man and citizen of Nigeria. He admitted that he got paid, but for his work as a musician. He felt that the backlash he got at that time was unfortunate as he was put through ‘heat, fire and hell’. He wouldn’t be tied down to answering whether he would do the same again this time round as he is ‘unavailable’ right now and travels a lot. 

The conversation between D’Banj and Olisa became very heated when Olisa started questioning D’Banj on the state of his career since Oliver Twist and it seemed that a ‘raw nerve’ had been touched .He strongly denied allegations that he did not write Top of the World and said it was a big hit which he really loves, and questioned Olisa on who determines what makes a big hit anyway and if his show is The Lie not The Truth.

 D’Banj insisted that he had had great success since leaving Mo’Hits. He won awards, traveled the world, had the highest downloaded song in 2013 and reached the point where he wanted to expand and do something new.

He made it clear that just because he hasn’t been spending all his time in Nigeria doesn’t mean that he has not been successful .Dbanj also denied that his new song, ‘Feeling the Nigga’ was written for Akon, and that he made a cameo appearance in it. He said that Akon is in the remix and that they are both his songs. D’Banj became very irate at Olisa’s insinuations and threatened to walk out of the interview if he didn’t admit that the song was his. Olisa asked what happened with D’Banj’s Koko mobile phone and why it hasn’t been seen in the market but he refused to go into this topic in any depth. He said that the phone sold out and hinted at a deal with Apple which he cannot talk much about due to contractual limitations. He also has a deal with Beat’s by Dre and the headphones will be released soon (hopefully by Easter) in Africa Olisa asked D’Banj about the various rumours, allegations and court actions against him claiming that he has unpaid debts amongst other things.

D’Banj said that he has been advised by lawyers to not speak about this in detail,but made it very clear that he doesn’t owe anybody any money. Financially, the past two years have been some of his best years, despite Olisa trying to allege that he has not been successful during this time .He dismissed the people that have left him and no longer want to work with him and said that the people that left, were not meant to be there in the first place .He revealed that he had recently had a friend/business associate arrested because he found out that one of his investments was mismanaged to the cost of around $2m. The person had gone behind his back and committed fraud but said the police is now dealing with the matter. He advised young people who are going into business to be very careful with documents and make sure that all papers are always properly signed 
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