How Meek Mill set Up Nicki Minaj's Ex Boyfriend so he could Have her!

How Meek Mill set Up Nicki Minaj's Ex Boyfriend so he could Have her!

If the gists are to be believed,Meek Mill set up Nicki Minaj's ex boy friend Safree,so he can get Nicki who had been the girl of his dreams for many years.
Meek Mill is rumoured to have become friends withe Safree,so he could set him up with girls and send the proof to Minaj.Gos that is gangsta! If it truly happened ,that is.
I guess the mistake Safree made is trusting a nigga.How can you trust a man who publicly
declared that his dream was to get your girl? 
You don't become friends with someone like that.Then again some might argue,Safree became friends with Meek Mill,so he could keep an eye on him.
In a 2014 tweet posted by Meek Mill,he revealed that his goal for the year was to get Nicki Minaj before anyone does.

Well,it's looking like Meek Mill's dream and plan has come true and he has gotten Nicki Minaj like he always wanted to.

Nicki Minaj flaunted her rumoured boo Meek Mill after her ex,Safree,also stepped out with his new girl a few days ago.She was on a double date with Rick Ross,Wale and their girlfriends..

So there you are folks,it seems the reports Meek Mill was one of the major causes of her breakup with Safaree is indeed true..Meek Mill's who they say has been infatuated with Nicki since 2010 and mapped out a strategy to get her has got himself in there.

 Meek Mill's tweet in 2010 was dug up and he had just 2 goals then..Talk about chasing your dreams

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