Prophet TB Joshua says Rich Corrupt men will cry on their last days on Earth!

So i see Prophet TB Joshua is still carrying on with his holier than thou preaching.As usual Joshua had a lot to say,even suggesting that corrupt rich people or those who get their money in fraudulent ways will cry during their last days on earth.I just wonder if this includes men who make money deceiving others?

During an impromptu message on Sunday 18th January 2015, Prophet T.B. Joshua
cautioned Nigerian pastors who always emphasized money in their sermons, to the point that they would even fight members who stopped paying tithes or attending services. Warning them against trying to compel people to give offerings in the church, he said:
“It’s Scriptural to ask for offering and tithes but it has to come from the heart. Anything that does not come from your heart becomes a curse to the person you give… We ministers of God should allow the congregation to bless us, not curse us with their possessions. I did not know when you came here, so when you are going, it is unnecessary for me to know. 
You want to fight a member because he left your church. Whose church? God’s church. Christianity is a thing of the heart. 
If you give something from your heart, it will bless you that gives it and also bless the person you give. But if you give something that is not from your heart, you that gave has nothing to gain and you are giving a curse to that person.''
 He also cited the case of people who attain wealth through bribery and corruption, insisting that the repercussions are severe.
 If somebody becomes so rich, if what he is having that made him to be rich is not from people’s hearts - it’s by corruption or bribery - you will cry for the person someday. If people that are collecting bribes know all of this, they will stop collecting bribes. 
The repercussions are not midway. They come at the end when we have no strength again to do the right thing. The money, mansions and possessions will collapse… The beginner is not the owner but the finisher. Whatever you do – remember where you are going. 
If you collect a bribe, you can’t get anywhere with it. You may be rich now but at the end of your life, you will cry.  Let me suffer now and laugh tomorrow. Let me be poor now and blessed tomorrow. That should be the life we live,” he added.
T B Joshua further decried politicians trying to coerce love from people, especially during the period of elections. After which he challenged his congregants to examine their lives and help the less privileged in their own area in order to enjoy the blessings of God.
“You can’t force someone to love you. In elections, you see political parties campaigning, saying they will build mansions, bring constant electricity and water… Love should be given voluntarily – without being forced. Count how many curses you have received to build your mansions, have your possessions and enjoy your fame and popularity. 
Why would I not give freely when I know if you give something from your heart, you will receive a double portion of it? That is the secret of giving. 
Sell those properties and possessions you don’t use, open a charity account, put that money there, sit down and begin to bless the needy. See what God will do for you. The finger of God will stand to fight for you. 
God is giving you another chance. Don’t abuse it. If you know that you are given another chance, you must treasure it. We treasure things when we know we are undeserving but today, we live as if we deserve things.”

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