Snoop Dogg in Trouble for Mocking "Auntcle" Gay guy Online

Snoop Dogg in Trouble for Mocking "Auntcle" Gay guy Online

Snoop posted a picture of carer Cortez Booze on the social media site on Saturday along with the words: 'Whose auntcle is this?'
When  i first saw the caption AUNTCLE,i laughed so much my stomach hurt! I am still laughing now..Snoop is a clown! But he might not be laughing too long though as 
 Snoop Dogg is 'facing a lawsuit' after posting this picture mocking the appearance of a gay man on Instagram - but the rapper's followers have pointed out that the pair look alike.

Since the post was made, Mr Booze has faced a torrent of abuse online, with people calling
him a 'shemale', 'confused', and 'ugly'.
Cortez reported the photo to Instagram as inappropriate, and it was pulled down.He then told TMZ
he has hired a lawyer and plans to duke it out with the Dogg in court.

Last time, he had an issue with Iggy Azealea when he put up a picture of an albino and tagged it "Iggy without makeup":

And yes they do look very much like brothers as you can see from this picture below.

But what is this guy gonna say in the court papers when he sues Snoop? He posted my pic or he called me an Auntcle? He should grow up,there is no way you can look like this and not expect ridicule!
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