Tonto Dikeh Weirdly calls her Dogs her Kids &Lists their upkeep

Tonto Dikeh Weirdly calls her Dogs her Kids &Lists their upkeep

Tonto Dikeh posted tips on how she takes care of her dogs ,except she called the dogs her kids..Some fans slammed her on twitter,but i'm sure Tonto doesn't care.Weird calling her dogs her kids though.Maybe its time Tonto had her own proper kids.

"Friendly Tips:: 

*I Love Cooking especially for my Kids

* I Don't go cheap on their Feeding

* They bathe twice a week #Monday -Friday

* They take their monthly Shots #Medication

More after cut

* They Smell heavenly # Doggy perfume

* They have very high emotions

* They take alot of mots & coats for their skin/Hair

* They Love love Vegetables,biscuit bone and pizza

* They all still take Milk till date 4 times every week #Sma gold

* They have A cook n a Nanny

* They are all signed up under one medical outfit

* I cook their food with Maggi n red oil but 0% Salt,Very bad for their Hair

* Make sure your Dog/Kid mates with a healthy partner #Test him/her so as to protect urs (Same as humans std's etc lol) Don't leave female dogs together always,They fight alot #its a doggy thing

*They eat Pork,Chicken,Turkey,Goat,Cow,Bacon,Suasage etc I have never fed them on EBA B4 but I guess that wouldn't b bad idea if it's once a month. They Brush their teeth everyday

* They have more Toys than I did as a Child

* They have a healthy sleeping and Playing Life

* They get Cold just as we get cold,get them a bed or a blanket

* I use almost 50 air freshener at once at home to block out and keep the atmosphere comfy fir Humans too,Lol

* If you own a dog,Please Take good care of them

* Give them a Happy Life,Surround them with Love

* Don't Beat them nor torture them,Omg dont freaking Eat them

*Lol I get asked how I have so many dogs n they all look Good/in shape/Healthy/Happy well knock your self out*"
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