Why i can't marry an Actor or a Poor Man- Actress Bose Oladimeji

Why i can't marry an Actor or a Poor Man- Actress Bose Oladimeji

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Bose Oladimeji is beginning to get all the attention in the Yoruba film industry, for both her talent and good looks. But Bose, from Kwara State and an English graduate of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State is burning with desire to do things most of her colleagues wouldn’t dare even though she wouldn’t cross the Rubicon of going n.ude.
Already, she looks good for it, as she has been nominated in the MAYA awards, along five
others as the ‘New Bride’ of Nollywood. Meet her and see what makes her tick.

Why did you pick acting as a career?
I have always wanted to be an actress all my life. The passion began to grow as a child, back then when we used to play the moonlight play, where we imitated our parents and
everything we saw on the television. Also, my love for literature helped to add fire to the passion. As an English student, literature is a part of the study, so, in a way, you can say I am still on my field as a professional.

So, how did you find your way to fulfill the dream?
I entered the industry through one man called Olokooba. Later I joined AKO group led by Oga Bello, Adebayo Salami but when the group disbanded I proceeded to Adebayo Tijani’s group. It was under Adebayo Tijani’s group I graduated but I thank God who has remained with him because there is no one else beside him.

Why is it that every upcoming actor in Yoruba sector of Nollywood must have a master through whom they must join the industry?
It is not easy to go at it on your own. If you don’t have a boss nobody will teach you the way to go. You need them to get the right connections and contacts. If you don’t join up with a group you won’t have any foothold and nobody will take you in on your own account.
But don’t you think by belonging to one group, it can limit your scope and career growth?
No, your growth in the industry depends on your talent and what you have to offer. The kind of person you are and how you carry yourself also goes a long way in determining how you turn out eventually. No two students under the same teacher are the same; character, passion and ambition will come to play.

Have you produced your own film?
Yes, I have produced four films. Oniduro was my first production, followed by Laye LorunAdajo Aye and my latest work, Aye Mi. Apart from those I produced I have featured in so many films that I cannot count.
Which film do you think brought out the best in you and why?
Hmm, I would have to say Adajo Aiye but Aye Mi brought more ovation than Adajo Aiye. It brought back all the memories of my school days. Aye Mi is a true life story that brought out the best in me because I had to bring back from memory most of what happened during my school days. Besides, many parents called to appreciate my effort.

How do you see your nomination by MAYA Awards as the New Bride of Nollywood?
Yes, it is under the category of Nollywood’s new bride (next rated female). New bride means ‘Iyawo Tuntun’ in Yoruba language and translate as the new face of Nollywood. I believe I caught the attention of the organisers of the award because of my works. I believe there must be something unique about my personality and my works to have been noticed and nominated.

Almost all Yoruba actresses have turn producers, why must everyone be producers?
Yes, it is the only way you can truly showcase your talent as an actress. Until you have produced your own film nobody believes in you or really notices you. So, you have to tell them you have got all it takes to be a really big name in the industry. It is by doing your own film that you can get any character that you want.

But I heard it’s all about making more money for yourself?
Yes, you are right. Until you produce your own films you cannot get real money. As an upcoming actress what you get are mere stipends. Sometimes, you don’t even get paid at all except for accommodation and feeding. This is worse for those still learning under a group. But thank God I have gone beyond that now.

There are many sensual roles coming into Yoruba films now, how sensual can you get in a film?
I apply wisdom to everything I do because I always think of that day a man will ask for my hand in marriage. I don’t want anything that will soil it to come in, so, I check myself and go as far as it would suit the script and comes off as good acting.

So you can’t even kiss, smooch or pretend to make love on set?
Why not? I have done many like that but what I am saying is that I do it with restraint and make sure the act doesn’t go beyond the set. Work is work and I don’t mix feelings with business.

Can’t you date or go out with a fellow actor?
Never; I will never do that. Not that I have anything against actors but I just can’t do it.

Why are the actors so bad or so poor?
No, not that. I just don’t mix business with pleasure.

What kind of men would you date or settle down with?
Wow, he must be cool, handsome, lovely, God-fearing, humble, rich and romantic. Those are the qualities I look out for in my man.

So Bose Oladimeji, you can’t marry a poor man?
Yes I can’t, truth is bitter; a man must be hardworking. If you are not hardworking, how are we going to give our children quality education? Providing for their needs? So my desired man must have something lucrative doing because I cannot be idle myself. I don’t believe in being a full time housewife. We must work together and achieve our collective goals. Poor men have no place in my heart.

What if you meet a rich man and he wants you to stop acting entirely?
No, capital no. Acting is a passion that can never be quenched. The man may limit the frequency of my going on locations but can never stop it entirely

If you read English, why haven’t you done any English film?
Everything takes time. Little by little I will get there. Mind you, if I am invited I would participate. Very soon I will shoot my own English film.

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