After visiting IBB at Home AGAIN,I ask why does GEJ think IBB is so important?

After visiting IBB at Home AGAIN,I ask why does GEJ think IBB is so important?

Hmmm,something must be brewing between Goodluck Jonathan and Ibrahim Babangida.
Pres. Goodluck Jonathan(GEJ) yesterday paid another courtesy visit to former Military Head of State, Gen Ibrahim Babangida(IBB) at his home in Minna. What baffles me is why all these people think Babangida is so important to their aspirations.Personally i don't think he is.At the very best,he will deliver Niger state to them.If he was so important,how come Babangida himself
is not running for presidency? We all remember what happened when he tried to at the last elections.There was outcry all over Nigeria and he had to withdraw his ambitions.So why is he suddenly so important?
The President was in Niger state for his campaign rally. See more pics after the cut...

babangida and Goodluck Jonathan

Remarks by Gen. IBB during the courtesy visit below as shared by Reuben Abati...

The Former Chairman who is now the Director-General of Namadi Sambo and Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team, the deputy chairman, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. My Governor, the chief servant. Mr President, I want to thank you most sincerely for finding time amongst your crowded programme to pay me a visit.

I feel deeply touched Mr. President because on your own, you travelled to Germany to see me just coming out from hospital after a gruesome nine-hour operation on my back and tummy, I felt deeply touched by your kind presence. Then when I struggled and traveled back to Nigeria, you found time to also visit and see how I was doing. I thank you Mr President and I want to tell you that I appreciate that very kindness. You have also made a very good decision to visit me during your campaign tour because Minna is known for producing Presidents. Either from your name sake, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe who was born in Zungeru, not very far away from here. Since then all the Presidents that this country has produced have got one thing or the other to do with Minna.

They do come to us for blessing and today I will offer this blessing to you. The house has played host to quite a number of activities in the past. When we were doing nocturnal activities to get PDP on track, we also played that role here in this house.. but we were doing it in the night because we didn't want to be caught.

Ahmadu Ali will also bear witness that this was so during the NRC and SDP days, so this is a peculiar and particular turf and myself and the family are very proud that we were able to play the little role we could in this.

I want to commend the party and the party leadership for being very strong and one of the good things that this party has done, Mr Chairman of the party, is that our vision about the formation of two parties is good for this country.

I have seen in PDP a party or organisation that is devoid of religion, ethnicity and so on and this is something we prayed for and you are showing the lead and I want that to continue. If others are breaking up, you must remain strong and I think that is how it should be. I'm glad you backed the President, back him strongly.

The passion which the President has got, I share a common passion with him. That passion is making sure that Nigeria stays peaceful, stable, developed and transformed. It is a passion in Mr President that anytime I see you, talk to you, I come out with the impression of a very young man who has passion for this country. I wish you well on this and I want to assure all of you that Nigeria under Jonathan, we are in safe hands. Once more Mr President, Mr Chairman, Mr Vice President, all the distinguished friends, I want to thank you for finding time to be with us. Thank you so much.
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