ASAP Rocky Disses 50cent with the Classiest Reply over Tatted Up Holly!

ASAP Rocky Disses 50cent with the Classiest Reply over Tatted Up Holly!

Jealous Sugar 50 cent with ex Girl friend Tatted Up Holly

The 50 cent and ASAP Rocky exchange on social media over Tatted Up Holly, is one of the best in a while.
Iv'e been waiting for a long time for someone to come along and pay 50cent back in his own coins.And that is just what rapper ASAP Rocky has done in one of the classiest replies i have ever heard.I'm sure 50cent is somewhere licking his wounds in embarrassment right now.Now here's what happened..
50 cent and his ex girl friend Tatted Up Holly had a fall out,worse,they actually broke up! As usual 50 cent took to social media calling her all sorts of names and even calling her the community puzzy.He did not want Tatted Up Holy no more and they each went their way.
Now Rapper ASAP Rocky seeing a good thing,sent Tatted Up Holly a message on social media saying,"Hey luv,I really like your style and would love to build if you're free"

Now what business has this message got to do with 50 cent? He obviously was jealous that this good
looking guy was about to take his ex So 50 cent sent ASAP Rocky a message on  social media saying- "You can't afford Holly,i gave her habbits,get your weight up first boy.Bentley and better over here Nig**.Can you buy that? You think i'm Kanye and Wiz lol"

50 cent was obviously referring to Wiz Khalifa who started dating Amber Rose after she broke up with Kanye West.

But the vest part came when ASAP Rocky replied 50,it was beautiful..he wrote...

"I see beautiful women and i et inspired..Ain't Known she was yours.Got respect for you so quit acting like a jealous sugar daddy,keep it classy bruh"

Jeez! This boy is cruel! He totally destroyed 50cents.This must hurt more than a gun shot!
50 cent needs to quit bullying people and picking fights on social media.When was the last time he had a hit?
Every thing revolves round money with 50cent.He probably would not be able to speak to a woman if he had no money.
See the messages between 50 cent and ASAP Rocky below..

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