Nigeria's hairiest woman,Queen Nonyerem shows off interesting Pictures!

Nigeria's hairiest woman,Queen Nonyerem shows off interesting Pictures!

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Nigeria's hairiest woman,Queen- Nonyerem  is at it again in new pictures she has shared online.I don't mean to be mean or anything,but the fact that you are hairy does not exempt you from constructive criticism.You are still human like the rest of us.
This girl is a clown.These pictures are nothing shot of ridiculous! They are like pictures taken by a comedian,i can't believe this pictures are real.

Since Nigeria's hairiest woman,Queen- Nonyerem  came into the limelight in 2012 after a
newspaper interview,she has continuously taken some ridiculous pictures,all in embracing the person that she is and being proud of her hairiness.Well she can do that without taking this ridiculous pictures..Have you seen the make up on her face? Gosh...i'm cracking up as i am writing this...
I am actually not sure she is Nigeria's hairiest girl or woman.Many years ago i used to have a friend who was probably hairier.Difference is she didn't let the hair grow freely like this.She shaved ,but her whole body,neck and face was covered in hair .Must be a very difficult think for a woman.I read its caused by hormones imbalance.
Anyway check out more pics of Nigeria's hairiest woman,Queen- Nonyerem ,after the cut..the pics sure are hilarious.

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