Pastor Adeboye tells how he stopped a plane crash by Praying to God!

Pastor Adeboye tells how he stopped a plane crash by Praying to God!

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Pastor Adeboye has revealed how he talked to God and stopped a plane crash in the process. The man of God,Adeboye,also revealed he is not super human..Hmmm, indeed.APastor Adeboye went on further to reveal so many instances in which God had talked to him and in the process reverted dangerous and life threatening situations to pass.
Who believes all this crap anyway? But i guess people do..All their churches are packed to the
rafters! Mostly its down to poverty and a lacking in basic needs society.All the people have to hold on to, is their faith and hope for a better tomorrow.So they go to all these churches and put up with these ridiculous testimonies! I noticed the man of God says " cos i ride in economy" What a huge contradiction.He clearly stated this to portray a humble image.Well, since then he has invested in a private jet hasn't he? I guess that's the end of his economy days...What a joke!

 Yet i see some people here saying they just love Pastor Adeboye's simplicity! Simplicity indeed..a man who uses a private jet to travel the world when he could have gone to the airport like other mere mortals,but didn't is called a simple man? I'm i missing something here? Do you know how much a private jet costs? How much you need to maintain it? And i cannot for the life of me understand why these pastors keep travelling the world to so call do their preaching.Nigeria holds 170 million people,have you finished preaching to all these people? Have you solved all Nigeria's problem before moving to these parts of the world? 

Its like a man who has 12 kids,hasn't managed to pay for all their school kids and goes to another country to adopt more kids! But we all know why they go to these countries..INVESTMENT..That's all it is to these man..they are in it for the money..simple.
Below is a rendition of how Pastor Adeboye talked to God and stopped a plane crash happening.

CONTRARY to popular opinion that influential ministers of God are superhuman and immune from challenges which mere mortals face, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye recently shocked members when he declared that he was susceptible to fear, including other human weaknesses.
Ministering at the November monthly Holy Ghost Service with the theme: ‘Great Expectations’, Daddy G.O., as he is fondly called by members and non-members, at the Redemption Church revealed to the mammoth crowd how he was gripped with the fear of death during one of his numerous ecclesiastical trips outside the country.
Known for using personal experiences to illustrate his sermons despite series of criticisms from such personal testimonies, Pastor Adeboye recalled how he was gripped with fear and close to death during one of his trips with the then Nigeria Airways.
In his words: “Contrary to what many of you may think I am human and I have my fears too. There were times I have had cause to fear and doubt because I am human but God always ended up disappointing my fears and doubts.

Continuing, Pastor Adeboye said: “Immediately I embarked on a quick run through my life just to be sure I was ready to meet my Maker. I also told God that I never knew this was how I would end my race. I was really afraid,” noting that there are some things that will happen to people that will make them to be really afraid, anointing or no anointing.
“In one of my trips with the then Nigeria Airways, the pilot had announced, when we were already airborne, that there were indications that the plane would crash-land. Immediately the pilot made the announcement, I was afraid and as if that was not enough, he said there were expert fire fighters who would put out the fire when the plane crashes.”
Laughing over the situation which has become a testimony, Adeboye said the fear of death temporarily took over him and other passengers until God assured him that he was not going to die and that the situation occurred so that God can communicate with him.
“When God gave me that assurance that we will not die that He only wanted to have a conversation with me, I felt relaxed and as God would have it, the Lord took charge of the plane and we landed safely,” he narrated.
In another related account, Pastor Adeboye explained that because of his previous experience which God took control of, he was not disturbed.
“In another of my travels, the pilot had announced that there would be a lot of storm at the arrival terminal going by the weather report. The implication is that there will be trouble while landing.
“When I heard that announcement I knew God was in charge. I took the little meal they served because I ride in economy; but the man that sat beside me could not eat. I asked why he was not eating and he replied: ‘so you understand English; don’t you hear what the pilot just said that there will be a lot of storm at landing because of the bad weather.’
“I said I heard.” He was confused thinking what kind of human being is this? But he insisted he was not going to eat. So I offered to help with his food since I was still hungry and he freely gave me the food.
“I ate the food and slept off. God took charge. By the time we were about to land, the pilot announced to us that the weather forecast was wrong. We got down safely. I looked at the face of the man sitting beside me and he looked at my face and laughed. But then the Lord told me that the weather forecast was not wrong that He was the one who diverted the storm”.

Linking another personal story with that of Abraham and his wife, Sarah, Adeboye explained that there were many instances where he had doubted God “but some times God looks beyond our faith to bless us and do His wonders in our lives because of His mercy.”
Adeboye maintained that Abraham, described as father of faith, doubted God when he fell on his face after God had told him his children would be as the stars; Sarah laughed when the Lord told her she would have a son but God still went ahead to bless her.
Stressing that as individuals, we have our moments of doubts and worry, he said “God will still do what He would do. The leper that came to Jesus was healed even when his faith was not strong enough to receive his healing. The Shunammite woman told Elisha not to deceive her when Elisha gave a prophecy she would have a child. But the Lord still went ahead to give her the child. At a point, John the Baptist doubted if Jesus was the messiah or not.”
The man of God recalled an incident long ago when a woman came to the church’s maternity in Ilorin to deliver and said she had made a covenant to die on the day of her delivery.

“I was invited to the scene and wondered why the woman who was about to put to bed would decide to die in our maternity. So I prayed for her and came to Lagos. A day after the woman brought forth a baby and the midwives observed there was another baby inside her who was not coming forth. And this woman refused to be taken to the hospital. Some brethren came to Lagos to report the incidence and wanted my intervention and prayers.”
Adeboye said when the brothers came he had to put up a bold face and reprimanded them for traveling all the way from Ilorin to Lagos because of the issue. He said he prayed with them that the woman would have delivered before they got to Ilorin.
According to him; “When the brothers left, I went to my room and locked the door and prostrated before God, crying to Him to intervene in the matter. God answered me and said but I just dismissed those people and assured them that the woman would be delivered her baby before they get back to Ilorin. Why do you still doubt the prayers you said earlier?
“The Lord rebuked me. I tried to excuse myself and said I just had to dismiss them so I could really settle the matter with you, Lord. The Lord asked me to go and eat. I replied, Lord I have been fasting but He said go and eat. Till today I did not know if the food passed through my mouth or nose.
“But the truth is that God still went ahead and answered the prayers even when I was in doubt of the prayers I had prayed. The woman was delivered of the second child in her womb and two more babies making four babies from her,” Pastor  emphasized.

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