Pastor Adeboye threatens Pastors with Fire of God if they received N6b Bribe!

Pastor Adeboye threatens Pastors with Fire of God if they received N6b Bribe!

There is fire on the Mountain for Nigerian pastors who are guilty of receiving money from politicians.Pastor Adeboye has threatened the Pastors,they will be consumed by the fire of God,if they received money from politicians and don't return it.
Pastor Enoch Adeboye has warned that pastors collecting bribes from politicians risk the wrath of God. 

The renowned cleric said this on his official Facebook page on Wednesday while reacting to allegations by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, that the Peoples Democratic Party had bribed some pastors with N6bn to work against the All Progressives Congress and its presidential candidate, Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhri (retd.). 

Adeboye, said, “I read in the newspaper this morning that one of the serving governors in Nigeria said that some pastors in Nigeria collected N6bn from politicians for the purpose of

influencing their members to vote a certain candidate in the coming elections. 

“May I humbly request that if there be any pastor or pastors who collected such money, they should please return such as quickly as possible before the fire of the Almighty consumes you.” 
Amaechi, had on Tuesday, told his supporters not to be deceived by pastors, whom he said, were campaigning against Buhari because he was a Muslim. 

He had said, “Some pastors collected N6bn and they are circulating document and telling you not to vote for an Hausa man; not to vote for a Muslim; that they want to Islamise Nigeria. Tell them to return our N6bn. 

“They gave them N6bn; they should return it to the Federal Government coffers. They will tell you that Buhari wants to Islamise Nigeria; tell them we are too educated. 

“I am a Catholic, but no Catholic priest has told me that story right now in the Catholic Church because I will ask him how. If any pastor tells you that, tell him to return the money. 

“Nobody can Islamise Nigeria; they have commercialised Jesus Christ. They should stop commercialising the Christian faith. You know what Jesus Christ did in the temple? He chased them away.”

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