Woman from Bayelsa State kills Lawyer husband to death!

Woman from Bayelsa State kills Lawyer husband to death!

This is another sad tragic story of spousal abuse.It also enhances the notion that,once you experience extreme physical abuse,you have to get out of the relationship ASAP!

The life of a legal practitioner, Mr. Henry Gagariga, was last week Thursday cut short by his wife Victoria who tragically stabbed him to death in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Victoria, 28, sent the 33-year-old Gagariga to his untimely grave at their residence along Ebisam Road in Akenfa.

She allegedly stabbed him on the neck with a kitchen knife following a quarrel caused by “a

minor domestic disagreement.”

Sources said the duo cohabited for some years before legalizing their union in Yenagoa last June.
It was gathered that their union had yet to produce children. Gagariga was said to have lost a lot of
blood and later died at a hospital where he was rushed to for treatment. His body had been deposited at an undisclosed mortuary in the state.

Now the sad part of the story is,it is being reported that ,this was not the first time the wife had stabbed the husband.This is where i ask myself,why would anyone wanna remain in a marriage where your partner had stabbed you in the past? I don't care how many children they had for each other or whatever oath they ahd taken,a partner who has stabbed you once in the past,will stab you again in future and the next time,you might not be so lucky! This is exactly what happned to Mr Henry Gagariga. That is not love,that is stupid crazy love! 

Victoria was identified as a daughter of a retired director in the state Ministry of Information from Brass local government area of the state. She is said to be an employee of the Bayelsa State Council for Arts and Culture. Her deceased husband was an indigene of Sagbama local government area of the state.

The state’s Police Public Relations Officer, Asinim Butswat, confirmed the incident.
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