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Anti Jonathan Enugu Pastor,Ejike Mbaka,has account Frozen by EFCC!

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has allegedly frozen all accounts of well known Enugu based reverend father Ejike Mbaka.Remember Pator Mbaka,he was the one who spoke out against Goodluck Jonathan and alleged that

Jonathan and his wife Patience,want to assassinate him.

Nairaland Reports that the reverend while giving his sermon narrated to his congregation how he went to withdraw money to buy food items for the poor masses that moved down from north because of the election, but to his surprise his cheques were returned.

When he enquired why he could not make any withdrawals, he was told EFCC has directed his accounts to be frozen. He stated that the commission is also inviting him to EFCC office in Port Harcourt for questioning.

The Reverend guessed the order may have been from President Goodluck Jonathan to cripple his activities during the elections that is coming up this weekend.

He further stated that he is not scared but in order to be cautious and not fall victim of assassination, he will not honor the invitation from EFCC. “They have threatened to arrest me at the cathedraticum which will take place at holy ghost cathedral, Enugu

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  1. #CODE911 - National SOS Center
    Be Warned!!!
    Reread Repeatedly to Gain Understanding!!!

    It's a pity that ignorance has made us wicked
    We've left the substance and chased the wind
    We've left the body for shadow
    We've left the food for crumbs

    Our nation is under mind siege
    To keep believing our problem is corruption
    How sympathetic to follow such leaders with such resolutions

    Our children cannot pass without special centers
    Our ladies cannot have their 2-2 without being prostitute
    Our children demand wants not needs
    Our parents demand financial reward at the expense of theft and prostitution for their children
    Hidden Polygamy at the expense of monogamy
    Father's obsession for power at the expense of their children and the next generation
    Deep rooted obsession financial theft in churches and mosques leaders, in federal and state agencies, private sectors, power sector, National Security, educational sector, etc.
    Hitherto we have a system that have based their reward system, spirtuality, success, wealth on financial reward
    Omase oo (What a pity)

    Awake Nigeria
    And be transformed from your mind
    The thought of seeing this nation as a corrupt nation is a deliberate programmed virus in our system.
    Don't ever derive truth from the obvious but from the root.

    Our problem is our National value system which needs transformation
    In places where there's no cure for virus
    Biologist advice to inflict patient with same virus.(e.g. Polio)
    So let your *simile corrupt leaders LEAD.
    E file fun won
    Ole lo m'ese Ole to

    Transformation or Change, What do we really need?
    Change is shallow and obvious. It lacks honest, bold and broad spectrum.
    It's shallow to demand Change that is too peripheral or obvious.
    But Transformation that is deeply rooted

    My beloved Nigeria citizen,
    Transformation is what we NEED.
    Transformation is what you NEED.

    Guess what! it has began.
    Join the Train 🚄 PDP

    Watch Out! Nigeria my Religion!!!!

    From the office of the Chief Servant of National SOS Center


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