How Female Al Jadeed reporter dealt with Rude Islamic Cleric on air

How Female Al Jadeed reporter dealt with Rude Islamic Cleric on air

A female Lebanese TV host has been widely applauded after standing her ground against an Islamist scholar  live on air.
Rima Karaki was conducting an interview with London-based Islamist Hani Al-Seba'i for Lebanon's Al Jadeed on the weekend of International Women’s Day, discussing

reports of Christians joining Islamic groups such as ISIS in the Middle East when the scholar went off topic ..

The female presenter then Karaki urges Sheik Al-Seba'i to get back to the issues being faced in the present day, and asks him another question, a request which sparks a heated argument. Karaki tries to get Al-Seba'i back on topic, asking him to 'focus on the present'. She asks:

 'At present, what slogans are used to attract (Christians) to these groups?' 
But Dr Al Seba’i becomes angry and abruptly replies:
 'Listen, don't cut me off. I will answer as I please.'
 He then raises his voice, adding:

'I will not answer the way you like, because I’m here to serve the idea in which I believe.'
Karaki politely explains that they have limited time on the show, but Al-Seba'i refuses to listen, telling the TV host he would not be interrupted and that he will answer as he pleases.
The host then lets the scholar know exactly who's in charge.

 'If you are going to elaborate so much, we won’t have time for other questions.Now, it’s up to you. If we have time, you will answer all the questions,' she says'In this studio, I run the show,' Karaki says.
 It provokes an angry reaction from Al-Seba'i.
'Are you done?' he says. 'Shut up so I can talk.It's beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman who...'
With her palm facing the Sheikh, Karaki then delivers the ultimate end to the conversation.
'How can a respected Sheik like yourself tell a TV host to shut up?' she asks.
'Either there is mutual respect or the conversation is over.' 

 The studio cameras then switch back to the studio leaving the Sheik in the dark. 
Karaki later posted a video of the conversation on her Twitter feed, which has gone viral and received widespread support.
The row,  has been watched more than 2.3million times on YouTube.
Culled from Dailymail
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