British PM David Cameron Meets Pastor Adeboye Trying to win Nigerian Votes?

British PM David Cameron Meets Pastor Adeboye Trying to win Nigerian Votes?

Pastor Adeboye and david cameron

So British Prime Minister,David Cameron met with Pastor Adeboye when he attended the "Festival of Life" church program in London yesterday April 17th, (looking for votes of course i hear some of you say cynically).We have just finished witnessing the vigorous campaign that happened in Nigeria with so many politicians lobbying for the religious votes.Who knew British PM,will be the next to join the
band wagon by visiting a rally held by Pator Adeboye trying to win the Nigerian/African votes?

Everybody knows Nigeria has a huge population in the UK..If any party can have the support of Nigerians,that is a huge difference to their voting power.
But will Nigerians warm towards the conservative party and Cameron even if Adeboye endorses him?
We all know how hard the conservative party has made African and black lives in Britain recently.With immigration and students being made to return home immediately after their education etc.We also witnessed all the hard stance taken on immigration where people were hounded on the trains,buses,hairdressers and black targeted areas...Are Nigerian's ,Africans and black people gonna forget all these so soon just because he has gone to the Pastor's church to worship or lobby for votes?
It remains to be seen.In my opinion,he might win a few votes based on his visit ,but i don't think he will win enough votes or friends to make a difference,Festival of life or not...

Meanwhile the elections look to be as tight and exciting as the one held in Nigeria recently.One thing you can be assured of though is,there will be no calls or questions of rigging..In the UK,what you see is what you get...

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