Buhari victory gets man beaten seriously for claiming free JigiJigi From Asawo!

Buhari victory gets man beaten seriously for claiming free JigiJigi From Asawo!

Remember the Nigerian female commercial workers(asewo) announced free s#x if Buhari emerges as president?Well,a customer got more than he bargained for from a pr*stitute when he tried to claim his free prize!
The man,a certain Haruna Lawal reportedly landed on a hospital bed after having fun with a commercial s#x worker in Ejigbo area of Lagos without paying because he wanted free s*x promised by the Nigerian pr*stitutes.
Lawal had gone to a red light zone after reading online that the National Association of

Nigerian Pr*stitutes had declared a three-day free s#x promo to celebrate the victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the APC in the just concluded presidential poll.

According to reports, Lawal, after having rounds of fun with the sxx hawker all through the night, zipped up the following morning and thanked her for ‘driving him very well’. However, problem erupted when the lady demanded for her pay and Lawal reminded her of the ongoing promo 
announced by the association.

Angered by his submission, the lady whose name was given as Emmanuella strangled Lawal on his neck and demanded to for her pay.

“In the process of the struggle, Lawal slapped the lady and that attracted the attention of other pr#stitutes in the place who pounced on him and gave him the beating of his life. He was seriously beaten because he could not afford to even pay half of the money. The prompt intervention of other patrons saved him from being lynched,” an eye witness told DailyPost on Thursday.
When they visited the area on Thursday the lady, who was still angry lambasted the leadership of the association for taking a decision without consulting them.
“How can Jessy and Madam Efoyo (referring to the national president) declare free-sxx without properly informing us?”, she asked. 
I only read it on the pages on newspaper. Make them, bring the money wey APC give them na. Na any politician get my p**sy for me?” a visibly angry Nuella, as she’s called told their reporter on Thursday.
When reminded that the association had already made it known that it is free sxx for three days, the lady fumed,
“Oya oga journalist come f**ck na, because na person get my thing for me,” before she furiously walked away.
When contacted on phone, the general secretary of NANP, Jessica Elvis said Nuella might not be a registered member of the association.
“From the report I have so far, our members have offered free service to over 7, 000 people nationwide and we are still counting. I am sure the so called Nuella is not a registered member of the association. We will investigate and get back to you. Thank you”, she added.
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