Creflo Dollar Still wants that $65m Jet plane-Is he the Biggest Conman ever?(Video)

Creflo Dollar Still wants that $65m Jet plane-Is he the Biggest Conman ever?(Video)

This man wants to fly on a $65m jet plane to bring Jesus to you!
Creflo Dollar jet saga rolls on! I can't believe how gullible some people are.Remember when the preacher caused an outrage by asking his followers or ministry to donate $65m for a jet plane? Well,he is not giving up on that plane and he is back singing that song again. I mean who goes to a church of a Pastor who calls himself Dollar anyway? Helloooooo! Could it be any more obvious that this man is in this business of salvation strictly to take your money? There has been all kinds of stories that his real
name is not really Crerflo Dollar.I would bet a million pounds that its not his real name.What kind of name is that? And he just happens to love money so much?

Anyway,in this video i found on youTube,he talks about that private jet,he also says he didn't ask his congregation to donate $65m towards the jet..So where exactly was he gonna get the money from then?
Dollar talks about how people would not have to ask what he needed a $65m jet for if they understood the gospel and knew what they did in his ministry.As usual the congregation was going crazy,clapping their hands and stomping on their feet! For what? For this man who takes all your money promising to preach the gospel in Mars.

Last month in March, the preacher made headlines, sparked an outrage when on a web page devoted to Project G650 — as in the top-of-the-line Gulfstream 650 — Dollar urged donations from his congregation so that he and his team could safely spread the word of Jesus around the world.

The donation website was later taken down. And now, in a new videoed sermon, Dollar said if critics were upset about a $65 million jet, they should wait until life is discovered on Mars. That by then, he’ll need a billion-dollar spacecraft to preach the gospel there. But that in the meantime, they can't stop him from dreaming. Creflo even compared his critics to the devil. He said:

“I can dream as long as I want to. I can believe God as long as I want to. If I want to believe God for a $65 million plane, you cannot stop me. You cannot stop me from dreaming. You can’t stop me from dreaming. I’m gon’ dream until Jesus comes. 
I dare you tell me I can’t dream. I dare you tell me that I can’t believe in God. If I find Jesus, I’m going to look at Jesus until it comes to pass. Because with God all things are possible, to him that believes. 
If you want that big house, dream about it. If you want that new luxury car, dream about it. Dream about what the devil says you can’t have,” Dollar stated.

The funniest part was when Creflow Dollar said a man wrote him a letter in the middle east,telling him about how they cut off the head of Christians,and he should come over and preach,cos they need him there,the man then rounded up the letter by sending a cheque towards the $65m jet! Once again the congregation get on their feet,hollering and screaming...Unbelievable!  The biggest con job ever.Creflo Dollar is really gonna go to the middle east and preach the gospel and turn it into a Christian state..hahahahhaha,that would be the day.And this Creflo says,is why he needs a $65m private jet!

The pastor has said the two incidents involving his old plane -- including one in which a mechanical failure caused the jet to skid off a runway in London while his wife and their three daughters were aboard -- have shown him it was time to turn to God for a new airplane.
Then get on a bloody commercial plane like the rest of us1 If he travels for the next 50 years,the cost could never be $65m! All the things are possible with God right? So why worry about your plane crashing? Where is your faith pastor?Even new planes crash,as long as your plane is maintained and getting the best service,what's your worry?And yet in the same breath ,he preaches if you have faith you can walk on water! Shaking my head...

In a YouTube video from inside his mega-church, televangelist Creflo Dollar has blasted everybody that ever criticized his short-lived donation campaign to raise $65 million for a new private jet.

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