Dr Chris Ngige castigates Igbo leaders for standing by PDP despite most Nigerians wanting change

Dr Chris Ngige castigates Igbo leaders for standing by PDP despite most Nigerians wanting change

Former Anambra State governor Dr Chris Ngige has castigated Igbo leaders for standing by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) despite the fact that most Nigerians wanted change pointing out that Ndigbo sell themselves short for contracts and short term

Still a sitting senator although he lost his seat in last weekend's elections, Dr Ngige said it was unfortunate that Ndigbo went with the status quo when the rest of the country was yearning for change. Last Saturday, the southeast was the only zone that returned all its senators from one party, delivering all its seats to the PDP.

A senior member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Ngige had been tipped to become senate president but this cannot happen now that he lost his seat. Prior to the elections, the APC had zoned the senate presidency to the southeast but the zone will now lose out as all of its 15 senators are from the PDP.

Representing Anambra Central senatorial district, Dr Ngige, ran for governor last year as an APC candidate but lost too.  He added that it had not been easy playing the politics of opposition in Nigeria, in view of the domineering attitude by those in government, pointing out that he had been in opposition for 10 years and knew how the shoe pinched.

Dr Ngige said:

“I must thank all those who remained steadfast in APC because playing opposition can be frustrating and tempting. Although I was receiving overtures from the ruling party, the PDP, I rejected them because the principles on which we formed that party were jettisoned and bastardised.
“At the amalgamation of some political parties to form APC, I decided to run for governor but many notable politicians told me that though I am a good candidate, it was better for me not to run because I must never be allowed to win as the forces against me were numerous. However, I insisted on running because God had told me that APC would form the next federal government and although I did not win the governorship, I was consistently telling our people that APC was the best bet for Igbo in Nigerian politics."
He chided Ndigbo for their short-term attitude of cosying up to the government for short-term favours like appointments and contracts. According to Dr Ngige, this had made Ndigbo lose out nationally now that the wind of change has blown.
“Many Igbo people, who are benefiting from federal government contracts, decided to sacrifice the future of their children and children’s children. I know many of these Igbo contractors cannot play opposition politics and their next move may be to move into APC
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