Fayose finally sees sense and Begs for forgiveness from his enemies!

Fayose finally sees sense and Begs for forgiveness from his enemies!

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti has finally seen sense and asked for forgiveness,saying no one is above mistakes because no one is perfect.The governor said this at a special prayer session organized for him by the Ansar-udeen mosque in Ado-Ekiti.The prayer session was to celebrate his recent victory at the supreme court .
Fayose should have realized ages ago that he can't go about alienating people and banging heads.He
would end up being frustrated and ganged up upon.Especially now that APC is in the majority and the ruling party.Surely part of being a politician is being able to duck and dive and roll with the tide? A politician will achieve nothing by being dogmatic.Fayose has been very stubborn,rude and obnoxious and in the process made a lot of enemies.

The APC are determined to have him impeached,and Fayose to come out with this peace offer,can only mean the rope is tightening round his neck and he can see this impeachment thing is no joke.

Ayo Fayose who is facing possible impeachment from aggrieved APC legislators directed his plea to his opponents saying

“If they say someone has enemies, I’m number one in the world. But God has been merciful and has been helping me to overcome my challenges.I need your prayers because it will strengthen me more. I’m here in the mosque to thank God.

“All I want is peace. I have a constitutionally guaranteed tenure. A governor is judged by his achievements in office. All I’m interested in is to bring development to my people. My opponents know if I have a rest of mind I will achieve my objectives.
All those I have offended should forgive me for the sake of the masses and orphans. They should know people gave me the mandate. Nobody is above mistake; they should forgive me.”We are here to thank God and pray for peace. I’m appealing to those aggrieved to please allow peace to reign.There is no perfect man. They should allow peace to reign. All I want is peace that will energise development.Anything that can bring peace cannot be wished away. For me, I’m ready to accommodate everybody. Whatever they want we can sit down and talk,” he said.

I hope for the sake of the people of Ekiti,Fayose is left alone to do his job and survives this impeachment saga,cos i think he is actually a good governor who has the interest of the Ekiti people at heart.But he really needs to change his approach and learn that in politics,there are no permanent enemies,just permanent interests. 
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