How Nigerian boy allegedly attacked Australian girl and Escaped to Nigeria!

How Nigerian boy allegedly attacked Australian girl and Escaped to Nigeria!

An Australian teenager has told how she was r#ped twice on Christmas Eve in Bali while holidaying with her family by a Nigerian guy. And has slammed Indonesian police for letting him escape back to his native Nigeria.

According to 19 year old Audrey Pekin, she was attacked by Henry Alafu (pictured above), who she had met with other friends a few days earlier when he lured her to his home. The pair had been drinking together at a bar when Alafu told Ms Pekin a party was taking place

at a nearby villa, and the pair agreed to go to it together.

According to DailyMail, during the taxi ride to the home, Ms Pekin began to feel unwell due to her type 1 diabetes. Once they arrived at the house, she was not put off by the lack of 
noticeable noise that suggested there was no party taking place, because her illness made it 'impossible to think'.

Inside the house, Alafu locked the door and forced Ms Pekin to the bed where he allegedly attacked her.

He went from a man to a monster,' Ms Pekin said.

'I can't quite describe the feeling, the sadness, to know what was about to happen and that I would or could not have done anything to stop it. I was literally shaking and drooling... I threw some very feeble punches, but I could not move my arms...I could not move anything.' 
After the first alleged attack, Ms Pekin said she desperately tried to escape. Alafu then followed her, and tormented her as she struggled to flee. She sought help from passing motorists and workers in a nearby service station, but Alafu allegedly told staff to ignore her and 'to stay out of it'.

Photo: CCTV footage captured Alafu waiting in the lobby for Ms Pekin, as she stopped at the hotel before they continued with their night out. It was before the alleged attack took place.

Ms Pekin believed she was safe when a cab picked her up, only for Alafu to force his way into the cab and again allegedly attacked her.
'He kept trying to kiss me... he molested me in the back of the taxi for everyone, for the taxi driver, to see,' she claimed. 
'He wouldn't stop.' 
Ms Pekin escaped the cab when it got back into the city of Kuta, when Alafu stalked after her again.
'He looked after me... he was laughing - he was taunting me,' she told ACA.
It was only after another man, believed to be a fellow Australian, saw Ms Pekin was distressed and stepped in to help her.
'I wish I could find that man... he deserves a medal, that man saved my life,' Ms Pekin said.

Ms Pekin's sister, Frances, discovered her on the floor of her hotel room hours later.

'She wasn't even on the bed - she was next to the bed crying, shaking... in that moment I knew something, the worst had happened,' Frances Pekin said, according to the report.
The family rushed Ms Pekin to hospital, where doctors found her entire body covered in bruises.
'He was crushing me, he nearly suffocated me... He could have killed me,' Ms Pekin said.
The 19-year-old then had a 'virginity test' at Sanglah Hospital, which she said was similar to a 'third assault'.
'The test was horrible, It was invasive... It was painful.'
The test not only confirmed to police Ms Pekin had been r#ped, but it also revealed she had contracted a sxually transmitted infection in the attack.
Miss Pekin's parents
The Pekin family's torment was worsened by the fact the alleged predator was allowed to escape the country, and remains on-the-run.

A number of Facebook posts by Alafu, under a different name, including a picture he uploaded of the two together the night before, led to the Pekins family to believe it was 'evident' he was the man who allegedly attacked their daughter.

Police were in possession of Alafu's phone number, Facebook profile and current address, but the Pekin family says they did not do enough.

'It's just so hard to know what to do,' Ms Pekin's father, Karl, said. 'It's incredibly frustrating... They could have picked him up - he was still a threat. It's clear who he was, clear where he was, so we don't know why he wasn't picked up.'   

It was not until January 12, 18 days after the alleged attack, that an attempt to arrest the Nigerian national was made.

Four of Alafu's friends were arrested in a raid on the property on January 14, however it is believed he had escaped by that point. Police tracking revealed his phone was later used in Jakarta before being deactivated. His Facebook account was later opened from Nigeria.

The Pekin family has paid more than $14,000 in legal fees over four days to proceed with the case.

'I think Bali is a lawless country,' Ms Pekin said. 'It has laws when it feels like it.' 
The family also called on the Australian government to help bring their daughter's attacker to justice.
'The Indonesian authorities have asked us why the AFP hasn't done anything, and it's a good question,' Mr Pekin said.
The AFP said it did not have jurisdiction in the case, according to A Current Affair.
According to the report, the Department of Foreign Affairs said it supplied comprehensive consular assistance to the family, but would not comment on an active investigation.

The Pekin family said the country's lax policing of the problem means it is only a matter of time before another similar attack occurs.

'If you can r#pe a woman in Bali and just walk straight out of the country, that's not a deterrent, that's an invitation,' Dawn Pekin told the program. 
Either you get a cheap holiday, or you can have a safe one,' the 19-year-old Ms Pekin said. 'You can't have both.' 
Interpol was notified last week that Alafu is a wanted man. The Pekins are currently waiting for Interpol to issue a red notice for his arrest, which would allow the Australian government to push for Mr Alafu's arrest.
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