Kim Kardashian takes you through a Diary of A day in her life

Kim Kardashian takes you through a Diary of A day in her life

In a personal diary for Harper's Bazaar,Kim reveals in a diary how her day usually goes 
6:00 A.M.
I usually wake up really early, around six o' clock. I sleep with my Blackberry, my iPhone, and the baby monitor next to my bed, and at first I can hardly see the screens because they're so bright and my room is so dark. I check the monitor,
and then I kind of squint on eye and look at e-mails. I don't respond to them right away; I scroll through. The first person I talk to is Kanye because he's right there next to me in bed. I'll say, "Do you want to go for a run?" And he usually does. Or he won't because he has a workout, so we'll just talk about that, then kisses.
6:15 A.M.
My first real conversation of the day is with North, although I'm not getting a whole lot back from her yet. I like to check her room as soon as I wake up. Then I go for my run. I live in a gated community with lots of horse trails, so I run on those, or on the treadmill in our home gym on the other side of the house. My workouts are usually about an hour, maybe an hour and 15 minutes total, but I like to mix them up. Running takes me about 35 minutes on the trails, and then I'll come back and work my abs or legs. I like to listen to music while I work out, but I don't need it to pump me up or get energized. It's weird—I'll put my iPod on shuffle and listen to slow R&B songs or even classical music, which most people think is so bizarre. I don't need anything fast. When I go to Barry's Bootcamp, they put on dance music or house music sometimes, and that slows me down.
8:00 A.M.
I used to work out at a gym more often, but now I stay at home because I want to be there when my daughter wakes up, which is around eight. It's my favorite time of the day with her, so I don't want to miss it. I try to have breakfast really quick, before she's up, but I'm rushing and always checking the monitor. I'll usually have scrambled eggs or oatmeal, or a protein shake with fruit. Kanye loves to eat really healthy and is always on different diets. He has a chef who comes in the morning and cooks breakfast for both of us and gets our meal plans together for the day. We just started seeing a nutritionist who changes our diet every 10 days.

9:00 A.M.

I love baths. I usually take them pretty regularly, but we just moved into our house and are replacing the old bathtub, and the new one hasn't been installed yet, so we haven't had a bath for a month. I can't complain, though—I like my shower. Dr. Lancer makes a good hard body scrub I use. And I just started using this black bar of face soap by Erno Laszlo. I don't stick to a specific routine with products. There are so many different shampoos and conditioners in my shower; I like to switch them up.
11:30 A.M. 
Usually we've finished getting ready about half an hour before we start filming at noon. We used to start at, like, 7 a.m., but now it's later, and we'll finish around 7 or 8pm. We don't really get breaks because we have three crews and they switch to get their breaks. We break only if we eat, if we break at all.

2:00 P.M. 

I can't live without talking to my family. I'm obsessed with them. We're on group chats every single day—well, all the girls, for sure. I'm in London right now, and Kendall's in Milan, so we're almost in the same time zone. We're texting each other every second. And when the whole family wakes up, it's like a huge group chat every morning to see what everyone's doing.
 9:00 P.M.
Once the baby's asleep, I like to unwind by getting in bed and doing some work. I'll put on a robe and answer e-mails or go online. I don't watch a whole lot of TV or movies, but when I do it's typically murder shows or Dateline NBC. I love searching eBay; I sell shoes and clothes on eBay all the time, so I'll check my auctions and answer user questions. Or I'll pick different fabrics for our line, and send approvals. 
11:00 P.M.
I always put my hair up and use makeup wipe to wash my face off, and I apply facial oil or moisturizer before bed. I go to bed around 10, 11 at the latest. I always fall right to sleep. I'm usually so tired, I just pass out. 

 Culled from Harpers Bazaar
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