Nigerian man arrested in USA for stabbing Cameroonian Fiancee to death!

Nigerian man arrested in USA for stabbing Cameroonian Fiancee to death!

I just don't understand these domestic fights.I mean,what kind of man,takes a knife and stabs his woman in a domestic fight? I just don't get it.Well,he will discover life in American jail for a murderer is something else and regret the day he took that action to stab his fiancee.
A Nigerian man named Osa Alohaneke, 56, (pictured) has been arrested and is now
facing murder charges after he allegedly stabbed his 52 year old Cameroonian fiancee, Evelyne Ebane Epiepang, to death at their home in Fort Bend County, Texas on Wednesday April 8th.

According to what police said in a statement, the victim had called police to their home around 5pm on Wednesday evening, telling the police that Osa had attacked and threatened to kill her. But when the police got there, Osa had already left. The police then left. About two hours later, Osa returned to the home to confront the victim who was home with her sister and another male family friend.

Around 7pm that same day, police was called back to the home but this time, Evelyne had been stabbed to death. Police found her in the pool of her blood inside the home, found her sister also stabbed but alive and another man uninjured. Osa was found nearby with blood all over him. He told police that Epiepang was his fiancee and they lived at the house. 

Epiepang's sister, who had a puncture wound in her shoulder and a broken arm was taken to Memorial-Hermann Hospital-Katy hospital, where she's receiving treatment.

Osa is in the Fort Bend County jail and is being held for the Bureau of Immigration and Customs

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