Orekoya Boys Nigerian Nanny tells in Video how she kidnapped boys

Orekoya Boys Nigerian Nanny tells in Video how she kidnapped boys

Orekoya kidnap nanny/maid tells how the boys were kidnapped in Video.
So we all know now that the Orekoya boys have been rescued or shall we say released.Because afterall the Nigerian family payed a ransome..But what amazed me is seeing the maid or nanny who kidnapped the Orekoya boys.

The Nanny, is known as Mary Akinloye but her real name is Funmilayo Adeyemi,was
well educated.I expected an illiterate who was brainwashed into this.Funmilayo spoke about how the kidnap was masterminded by her husband,her brother in law and his wife.I feel very sorry for Funmilayo's kids,they have four children.Cos she and her husband are definitely going to jail.Wat do you tell those kids? Plus the fact that when they grow up,they will see all what their parents got up to on the internet.Very sad.
In the video where the Orekoya nanny Funmilayo confessed the kidnapping,she tried to blame others but herself,of cos she will do that.Te fact that her husband is involved tells me that she was very happy to make 13million Naira easily.

The Orekoya nanny also confessed that they were paid 2 million Naira and her husband gave her 30,000 Naira as her own share.Can you imagine,30k for all the trauma she put that family through? I don't believe the nanny though,i think she is just trying to come across as the unfortunate party,no way will her husband give her 30k,afterall she did the biggest and most important part of the kidnapping.

One thing i noticed though from this video is,Funmilayo the nanny ,had been beaten black and blue by the Nigerian police,she had cuts and bruises on her face.Common guys,do we still engage in this nonsense? What happened to due process of the law?Funmilayo could easily sue the Nigerian Police for this act of barbarism.How can you beat a woman like that? You have arrested her,take her to court and let justice take its cause.
Apart from that,i have no pity for Funmilayo who kidnapped the Orekoya children,kidnapping kids as young as 11 months,4 and 6 years old is nothing but disgusting and inhumane.I hope she and her family are put away for many many years.There should be a deterrent for this continued barbaric act.
You can watch the Orekoya maid,Funmilayo who kidnapped the 3 kids in the video below.
The video is courtesy of Channels tv.

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