Oyo state Gov.Ajimobi moves out of Government House because of "Ebo" Fetish findings

Oyo state Gov.Ajimobi moves out of Government House because of "Ebo" Fetish findings

This is funny,the re-elected governor of Oyo state, Abiola Ajimobi has explained he moved out of Government house and into his private building,because he found "Ebo" sacrificial fetish, placed in various areas of the building. 

He said his spiritual fathers aka Alfas advised him to move out of the government

house so that the evil plans of those placing the sacrifices (ebo) within the premises will not work.

I am amazed people still take all this stuff serious in Nigeria.Funny thing is even though i don't believe in it myself,i probably would be alarmed too if i found them in my compound.But i think i would have had them removed and continue residing in my home ,than me having to move out totally from my abode.What if he finds more in his private house..What will the governor then do? Move out again into another place?
I find all these trend of Alfa's and Pastors advising leaders in political positions alarming.Cos who is to say these men won't give them advise that would benefit them.Nigerians should have moved past all these beliefs and get more realistic.A lot of people believe in these fetish stuff,but i have never been convinced.

Moving on and further commenting on the fetish objects found,Governor Ajimobi said this during the eighth-day Fidau for the late Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Sheikh Baosari Haruna in Ibadan yesterday April 16th.

"They first came to you Alfas to give them prayers that will send me out of office, but my own Alfa’s prayers superseded theirs. Every morning, I go out for exercise. If you know the Government House very well, it has many interchanges, popularly called orita, I see all kinds of sacrifices (ebo) placed at these junctions. Worried by these developments, some of you my Alfas here advised me to move out of the Government House to render their evil plots useless,’’ he said.
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