This Nonsense of Pres.Jonathan getting a Noble Prize has to Stop!

This Nonsense of Pres.Jonathan getting a Noble Prize has to Stop!

I think it's time we put an end to this ridiculous notion of President Goodluck Jonathan being put on a pedestal with his congratulatory call to President elect Muhammadu Buhari.GEJ only did what happens in every civilized country in the world,it's not such a big deal,he lost the election clearly,everyone could
see,there were no disputes.And just like President Buhari said,he is not totally surprised by what Jonathan had done because,The UK and United States of America had been in touch with him and briefed him on what was was expected to avert trouble.
People asking Jonathan to be given the Noble prize is the most silly and ridiculous thing i have heard in ages!

That is like saying a president who performs the duty he was elected for, should be made a Saint,that's his job,it was is expected of him,it was a noble thing to do by Jonathan, accepted.And maybe Buhari would not have done the same,again accepted,but it still does not make it a reason to go on and on about it.
That's the problem with us in Nigeria,we have been messed up for so long and used to not doing the right thing,that the moment somebody does,he becomes a god.

All that attitude must change and we should not make a dance of it when one of us does what is expected or the right thing.
Does this one act by Jonathan now excuse all the corruption,and ineptitude of Jonathan's government in the last 6 years?
Do we have such a short memory? Is that all it takes for us to forget in Nigeria? A simple act of a man showing decorum when it was the very least he could do?

I for one won't be making a dance of President Goodluck Jonathan's supposed noble act,he is the President of a nation who was beating fair and square in a race.The nation called for a change,wanted a change and got a change,the least he could do is acknowledge that change and congratulate that man who defeated him.

Yesterday the special adviser on new media to president Jonathan,Reno Omokri and many other Nigerians took to social media,saying the president deserves a Noble Peace prize for averting possible violence in the country,by conceding to Buhari before election results were made public.. Patrick Obahiagbon finds it laughable ..His full tweet reads

These talks of Nobel Prize should be taken for what it is, a jest.. If only they handed it out everytime you did what you are legally bound to do, then everybody would have one...While it is commendable, Let's not get ahead of ourselves

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