Tragedy as Talented Pharmacist Paul Olafare kills himself over debts

Tragedy as Talented Pharmacist Paul Olafare kills himself over debts

This is very sad news,and this really spoilt my mood this morning.
A married church leader and award winning pharmacist, Paul Olafare pictured above, allegedly committed suicide on April 12th at his home in Lagos. He was found dead by
his wife. According to multiple sources, Paul Olafare, a father of two, had been under a lot of pressure following a huge unpaid loan he collected from some people to set up his own pharmacy. His dream of setting up his own pharmacy failed leading to huge financial 

indebtedness. This allegedly led to chronic depression.
Why didn't he get help? Why didn't he speak to his church to see what they can do for him? All that talent gone to waste,beautiful litle child now left without a father and when the child growns up,you can bet he or she will be affected by the way the dad took his own life.It's just so sad,for someone who was so promising,someone should have been able to save him...He should have gone to the government or something like that,tell them about his situation..I can never understand how people kill themselves over debts! When there is life ,there is hope you can get out of that situation,its only money,it can be replaced.What's the worst they can do to you? Seize your properties or jail you..But you still have your life and you can overcome that problem and become a millionaire tomorrow.

Paul was awarded the Lagos State Pharmacist of the Year 2013 and was reported to have been an active member of his church where he mentored the youth group. 
According to a friend close to the situation, Paul had allegedly hinted to his wife that he would take his life if things didn't change for him. He also recently attempted to jump into the lagoon but was stopped by his wife.

His wife said she sound him writhing in pain yesterday morning as she was prepared for church and found that he'd drank poison. He later died.

Though he'd been allegedly battling with depression for a while, his family didn't believe he'd committed suicide and lodged a murder charge against the man's wife who is now being questioned by the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti.
And another thing that pisses me off is this stupid thing we always do in Africa of arresting anyone close to a dead person.What happened to investigations and post mortem tests? Where were his family when he was depressed? As if that poor wife has not got enough to contend with.The man was suffering from depression..he had tried to kill he kills himself and the family say its the wife who killed him..that is so bloody typical and annoying.I hope she can be released soon and left to do her mourning and take care of her little child.

He was a graduate of Medicine from the College of Medicine University of Lagos.

Meanwhile family and friends have taken to his Facebook wall to express their sadness over his death
I cannot understand why Paul Olafare killed himself,but i can understand depression is a terrible thing,you don't think straight,you can't see past today and just wanna end it all.
May Paul Olafare's soul rest in peace.
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