Xenophobia-Senate asks Presidency to recall Nigeria's Ambassador to South Africa

Xenophobia-Senate asks Presidency to recall Nigeria's Ambassador to South Africa

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In further updates on the xenophobia repercussions in South Africa,the Senate today called on the presidency to recall Nigeria's High Commissioner to South Africa and also file a lawsuit against Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini at the International Criminal Court following the recent xenophobic in some parts of South Africa. 
At its plenary session, the Senate President David Mark asked the South African
government not to stretch Nigerian government beyond its elastic limit
"My humble suggestion will be that South Africa should not stretch us beyond our elastic limit on this matter be cause there is a limit beyond which the nation will not accept what is happening in South Africa" he said
The funny thing is i don't thing Nigeria's ambassador to South Africa, is ready to come home.I mean the man ridiculously said the xenophobia attacks reported were being exaggerated.He obviously puts the job first before the welfare of the Nigerians he is supposed to be looking out for.Frankly i don't know why Nigeria bother's having ambassadors.They so called ambassadors don't care about the welfare of Nigerians.It's just another excuse for them to leave large and get fat on riches.

When was the last time you heard a Nigerian ambassador go out of his ways to make the lives of Nigerians better or come to the rescue of a maltreated Nigerian abroad?

I rest my case.

Also speaking, Senator Eta Enang called on Nigerian government to take painful but reciprocal actions against South Africa, adding that South African companies here in Nigeria are ripping us off through the services they provide
"Nigeria should learn to take reciprocal painful action against South Africa. South Africa is part of the countries that have collapsed the economy and sabortaged the economy of Nigeria because what we are paying to MTN and DSTV is so monumental and it is affecting the economy of Nigeria." he said

While what is said here may be true,wat would be the domino effects of these companies leaving Nigeria? Already we were told this week that 6,000 Nigerians would lose their jobs if MTN were to leave Nigeria.It also indirectly provides 500,000 jobs the report says.So where and how do you replace that?
It's a tricky situation.
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